Man (Very Unconvincingly) Fakes Slip And Fall Incident To Get Insurance Money

One would think if you’re on a mission to fake a fall in order to receive insurance money from your workplace, you would at least make sure to do it away from the surveillance cameras, right? Well, one man from New Jersey didn’t quite get the memo on that.

Alexander Goldinsky, 57, has been caught on camera as he stealthily throws ice cubes on the floor of the cafeteria of the place he was subcontracted to work in, and then, in an effort to get insurance money, he proceeds to “slip and fall”. Or something like that…

We’ll let you be the judge of that yourself after watching the video below:

What do you think? That must have hurt, right? I mean, that was quite the dramatic fall…

After Goldinsky “slips and falls”, he then waits there, lying on his back until he is discovered before filing a false insurance claim for hospital treatment and ambulance service, according to the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, who have released the following statement:

The investigation revealed that Goldinsky purposely threw the ice on the floor in the cafeteria at his workplace, placed himself on the ground and waited until he was discovered.

The prosecutor, Andrew Carey, added that “fraudulent claims cost everyone, and we will aggressively prosecute those who illegally manipulate the system.”

The incident took place in 2018, and Goldinsky was arrested January 15 and charged with insurance fraud and theft by deception. He is scheduled to appear in court February 7.

Despite the very damning footage evidence, Goldinsky maintains that he is innocent. After CBS got hold of him and asked him about the incident, he admitted to being taken in custody and brought to the police department. But after he was shown the video where he is plainly seen throwing the ice on the floor, he insists that he did not to it, and that “it was a mistake.”


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