This Man’s Got The Moves Like Michael Jackson!

I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear Michael Jackson’s song on a radio, I get this immediate urge to stand up and dance like crazy. It’s probably not just me who feels this way, right? There is one man who completely understands what I’m talking about. This man just puts the treadmill on fire at the gym after hearing The Way You Make Me Feel by the very King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Aren’t we all behaving like this man on a Friday afternoon?

Trent Ruban, a personal trainer at GoodLife Fitness gym in Ontario, Canada, has shown some moves just recently. He totally nailed his dance to the above-mentioned song.

Ruban’s coworker, Franziska Kallweit, who is also a personal trainer at the gym, caught the dance on camera and decided to post it on her Facebook page. The video went viral just minutes after.

Interestingly, Ruban apparently used to be a dancer on cruise ships, so maybe he got inspired the moment he heard the song.

One minute this gym user is strolling on the machine.


But just as the song starts playing, he starts showing some epic moves!


The gym crowd starts to cheer and record, while the talented treadmill dancer flashes them a spin in the style of Michael Jackson.


Wait until you see the video to catch some of his most impressive moves.

For me, it was probably the part where he starts doing flips out of nowhere!


While we may never get to see the late King of Pop doing a moonwalk on a treadmill, this is a great tribute to his moves.

If you’re a fan of Michael Jackson music, check out the Facebook video below to see Ruban and his excellent moves.

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