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This Man ‘Kidnapped’ His Bride-To-Be Before Proposing To Her

This Man ‘Kidnapped’ His Bride-To-Be Before Proposing To Her

Wedding proposals take a lot of planning ahead, a lot of sleepless nights (not really but you know,) a lot of little details to consider (the list goes on and on,) however, when the one you love says yes, it’s what’s worth all the hard work for a perfect wedding proposal.

When the right day has come to propose to your significant other, there are plenty of ways you can do it. A parachute wedding proposal, a marathon proposal, a red carpet or a bed covered in roses – are only some of the ways that people have thought to pop the question to the one they love and want to spend the rest of their life with. And, I have to say, each and every wedding proposal is special in its own way. What and how they choose to do it – as long as it makes their life companion happy – it should be just fine.

However, there are some people that have the craziest ideas when it comes to popping the question. Like, they plan a whole ‘kidnapping’ (yes, you read that right) so they can ask for their lover’s hand in marriage.

The picture below is what I am talking about. There’s also a video so be patient and let us go through it together!

man kidnapped bride

Right after scaring the sh*t out of her girlfriend, this person thought of making a ‘surprise party’ inside of the van and then all the people to come out of it once they act like kidnapping her girlfriend.

I honestly don’t know if I’d say yes to this wedding proposal.

man kidnapped bride

When I first watched the beginning of this video, I thought it actually is a footage of someone kidnapping a person on a parking lot or whatever this place is.

man kidnapped bride

Only to wait and see while this whole kidnapping turns into a wedding proposal. I can imagine what the girl went through during those seconds that she thought she was being kidnapped. It really must have been a nightmare, thinking that everything’s going to end there or God knows what’s going to happen to her.

Tip: This is not, by any means, the right way to propose to your significant other. Unless your girlfriend also is as crazy as you are and she’s totally fine with such a rush of adrenaline.

man kidnapped bride

Time to watch the video. Be warned: If you are easily scared, stop right here. The pictures above were all you needed!

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Share your thoughts about this way of proposing to the one you love. Have you ever thought of something crazy like this, or you’re the kind of a person that doesn’t cross borders to do something similar to this?

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Enjoy and have a pleasing day!

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