Man Lost 63 Kg In 15 Weeks After Being Given “Life Or Death” Ultimatum

Darren McClintock, also known as Dibsy, was “eating himself to death” until he started working out with a personal trainer, who helped him lose 63 kg in just less than four months.

Mike Hind, personal trainer, banned Dibsy from fast-food and helped him battle obesity that was slowly killing him, and in just one week, he managed to shed around 6 kg. Now, 15 weeks after embarking on the transformation journey, Dibsy is 63 kg lighter.

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The 28-year-old who previously couldn’t even tie his own laces or put on a seatbealt, can now do that and much more thanks to his determination and willingness to lose weight. As a treat to himself, Dibsy said he booked his first holiday in maybe decades. What’s more, he can now go to the cinema, something he couldn’t do before due to his weight.

man lost 63 kg in 15 weeks
Dibsy and Mike. Credit: SWNS

Speaking of his transformation journey, Dibsy said:

My life has turned around within the last 15 weeks. I can actually go out and about and do things that normal people can do but take for granted.

Dibsy explained his body “aches,” but overall, is feeling better than ever, is working out every day, and most importantly, he’s eating properly.

Every aspect of my life has improved for the better. Obviously, I’m physically fitter but I’m much happier as well, I used to be depressed and sad.

man lost 63 kg in 15 weeks
Dibsy’s progress. Credit: SWNS

Dibsy decided to start working with Mike after he was told if he keeps eating like this, he would probably die. His PT immediately forbid him from eating fast-food, except on his “cheat days,” but interestingly, Dibsy says he’s no longer interested in that kind of food.

It was my birthday in December, and I treated myself to fish and chips but I ate half and threw it away. I don’t even like it anymore.

Of course, there were days when he thought about quitting, but he adds that somehow he just “kept going”

man lost 63 kg in 15 weeks
Credit: SWNS

The 28-year-old was put on a strict diet and a regimen that consisted of two workouts every day. He followed a high-protein diet and was only allowed to get 3000 calories per day. Mike monitored his progress and supported him every throughout the whole journey.

The 35-year-old personal trainer said he was very proud of Dibsy and the progress he’s made, adding:

He knew it was going to be hard work, but he’s got his head down and got on with it. The way I see it, this was a case of life or death. If Dibsy hadn’t made a change in his life then it could have been the end for him. This is just the beginning; Dibsy is going to go on and live a healthy life.

After shedding 63 kg, now Dibsy is about to undergo cardioversion — a procedure which will help bring his abnormally fast heart rate to normal.

Keep up the good work!


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