Not Sure If Your Man Loves You? If He Does These 12 Things You Can Be Sure He Does

Well, love is a tricky thing to figure out. Men might not be famous for showing emotions or commitment (just think of Chandler Bing) but when they are head over heels in love there are signs and you will definitely notice. Your man will turn into sweetest creature on the planet and according to AuntyAcid, if he does these 12 things, you can be certain he is deeply in love with you.

1. He makes sacrifices for your relationship

If your man chooses you over his friends and if you are his priority, know that he is deeply and madly in love with you. If he supports you and makes time for you he is a keeper.

2. He actually listens to you


When women talk, some men will just interrupt or wait for their turn to talk. But if your partner wants to talk things out with you when you fight and listens to you when you talk about your awful day at work – he is the one.

3. He gets jealous from time to time


Jealousy is not a good thing per se, but if he gets jealous in a cute way, it means he loves you and doesn’t want to lose you.

4. He never thinks you’re not beautiful

In his eyes, you are always beautiful no matter if you wear that sexy dress he likes or your pajamas.

5. He makes an effort with your friends and family


He cares about your family and always tries to impress them. If your man is very keen to introduce you to his group of friends and family he cares about your future together as a couple.

6. He’s not afraid to show his emotional side

It’s not true that men don’t cry and if your man gets emotionally intimate with you, it means you hold a very special place in his heart.

7. You make him feel proud to be yours

Happy couple lying in the park among leaves,enjoying in the beautiful autumn day.

Your success is his success. He is always proud of you and supports your dreams. If you have a man like this, count your lucky stars.

8. He doesn’t want to change anything about you


He loves all your perceived flaws and doesn’t want to change them. He just accepts you the way you are and that’s amazing.

9. He misses you when you’re away

When he is away, he spends every minute on Skype with you because when you’re missing, a part of him is missing too.

10. Your happiness is his highest priority


No matter what, your happiness always come first. And he always makes sure that’s the case. This man will do anything and everything to see you happy. You are his everything – cherish that.

11. He doesn’t give up on you


He knows that all relationships have their low points but he’ll never let you go or give up.

12. He is often physically affectionate with you

He is not afraid to show affection in public through physical contact such as hugging and hair-stroking. He always gives you those little kisses to perk up your day and the hugs you need so badly.

Source: Auntyacid