This 35-Year-Old Man Decided To Tie The Knot With Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku

Throughout life, us humans build a plethora of friendships, relationships or simply connections in general. We create a network around which we sort of revolve. Some people have it easier. They’re more easy-going and generally more adaptable. While other people are more introverted, due to different reasons. While working on building friendships and relationships, we might run into problems that can be detrimental. Such is the case with Akihiko Kondo (近藤顕彦) who was bullied at work by his female superiors somewhere around 10 years ago.

All the bullying made him not trust any other woman from this world. He simply believed that he can’t get along with them. So, guess what the 35-year-old did? Well, he decided to marry the famous Japanese virtual singer, Hatsune Miku.

Well, here is how his story goes. After being bullied at work, he found rescue and solace in the virtual singer Hatsune Miku. Listening to her while going through difficult times has created a real emotional connection between them.

So, of course, seeing that Miku helps him out, he has decided to make her his companion throughout his entire life. A sum of 39 people was present at the wedding, including his relatives, friends as well as a Japanese parliament member. Actually, the Japanese parliament member served as a witness of the marriage and the celebration ceremony.

man marries virtual singer

He even placed a ring on his finger to make it as official as possible.

They sat in front of the wedding guests side by side.

Of course, this was not at all an easy thing to do. Kondo was super scared that people would be judgemental about it. But, the thing is that Kondo seems to be quite pleased and happy with his decision.

Here’s a picture of the happy couple.

Champagne was also part of their wedding.

People were actually happy for him so of course, they congratulated him on his wedding day.


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Source: 9Gag