Man Wearing Speedos Videbombs A Bikini Model’s Beach Photoshoot

We all have photobombed a photo or video of someone at least once in our lives. And, if I had to choose between making an Instagrammable photo and photobombing, I’ll choose the latter one all the way! I mean, I am very good at it. Just like the man who has recently created the greatest videobomb of all time.

We are talking about a man wearing speedos who accidentally became a part of a beach photoshoot and upstaged a bikini model.

The spectacle was shared on Twitter on Saturday and viewed 19 million times, although it is unclear when or where the hilarious footage was shot.

It all started when the scantily-clad model was doing some pretty dramatic poses while being sun-kissed at the beach. When all seemed to be going perfect, unexpectedly, an elderly gentleman appears in the background.

Man photobombs model's photoshoot

Being focused on the photoshoot, the woman in question doesn’t notice the man behind her at all. The mystery man is seen wearing speedos with a beaming smile on his face, appearing to be oblivious to the photoshoot. All smiles and laughs, he is really radiating joy and positivity, while enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

Despite this woman continues working her best angles, unaware that her limelight is being stolen by the elderly man behind her.

Man photobombs model's photoshoot

Let’s watch together the hilarious moment below:

Source: carmelo sgroi

Thousands of social media users praised the man, with one of them branding the clip as ‘the greatest photobomb of all time’.

Another user commented:

Look at his face! Proud as punch’.

While one wrote:

Superb! He’s magnificent!

However, not every social media user could spot the obvious photobomb, with some of them asking where’s the photobombing part.


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One even asked:

Sorry what photobomb – did I miss it?

Whereas another one said:

Watched this numerous times and still can’t see it.

As for me, I could watch the clip all day. The elderly man’s smile is simply contagious!


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