Man Proposes To His Mermaid-Obsessed Girlfriend Underwater

How enchanting must feel when your partner knows your obsessions so well, and when the time comes to propose he/she chooses the theme you’d die for. To be precise, this is what Eric Martinez, a 40-year-old from Texas took into consideration when he proposed to his 26-year-old girlfriend Cammy Cuoco.

Martinez told

It all started when my fiancée followed Del Sol Photography on Instagram. It’s her favorite photography company. Me and my girlfriend were scheduled to go down to Mexico but I knew I was going to propose to her soon at that point so I was like let me look into it and see what could fall into place.

Then Martinez contacted the company, and they happened to have an open slot in Mexico for the couple’s June trip. As he had bought the ring, he was just expecting for the surprise day to come:

I was like, ‘This would be the perfect time to do it. We landed on a Wednesday and that night I told her, ‘Tomorrow morning we have a car to come to pick us up.’ I was like, I am not going to give you a clue. Wear a bikini and a cover up and a makeup.

Source: Del Sol Photography

She was blown away at that, but she still didn’t know anything. They began taking pictures but Polly, the photographer, and I knew when she said, ‘This photo is epic.’ That’s when everyone was ready for me to pop the question.

Martinez continued telling that his girlfriend thought that they were only taking some photo shoots. But actually, he had taken the ring with him and his request was accepted with a YES!

While Cammy told about the magical moment: “I was soooo surprised. I’d hoped Eric would propose in Mexico but never did I think he would go to such great lengths to make it so magical for me. I was just literally in awe.”

Since Cammy is a huge mermaid fan, Eric wanted to make her feel like one on this big day for them. The moments were captured on film by photographer Polly Dawson of Del Sol Photography, who is Cammy’s favorite photographer on Instagram.

‘Eric contacted me and said: “I want to do something you guys have never done before, something really crazy and unique”,’ tells the photographer.

And we reckon, this is what they did with the enchanting shoots!


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