A Man Saved His Wife’s Life Seven Years Before They Even Met

After seeing all those stories about the couples who found old pictures of themselves and realized their current significant other was featured in the background, I got to thinking whether or not I’ve already seen or briefly met my future husband but I don’t remember…

I guess I should break out the family albums and start going through my old childhood pictures, right?

But while those instances were very sweet and “what-are-the-odds” type of things, the unlikely story of a couple from Taiwan truly takes the cake. Lin and Lian discovered they had been bonded in a life-saving occurrence seven years before they even met.

man saved his wife's life before they even met
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Eleven years ago, Lin Xiaofen got into a life-threatening car accident which left her in need of blood transfusion –  10 units of blood and two units of isolated platelets, to be more precise, which all came from the same donor. The blood transfusion saved her life.

Whereas, Lian, her boyfriend, a glutinous rice dumpling seller who is originally from Hsinchu, has always donated blood because he liked the idea that he could be helping to save a stranger’s life. I think you can connect the dots…

Yes, it was Lian’s blood that Lin received in 2008, a full seven years before they even met.

man saved his wife's life before they even met
Image Credit: Pear Video

Two years ago the couple was discussing Lin’s near-death experience, and Lian, who has been donating since he was 20, jokingly suggested that it could have been his blood that the doctors used to save her.

However, they were curious and wanted to look into the case seriously. So they began contacting blood donation centers and hospitals but they weren’t having much luck in getting information since the staff insisted that the data was confidential. Eventually, they managed to get the last name of the person whose blood had been used to save her, and it matched Lian’s.

After Lin read out her boyfriend’s identification number, the staff members at their local blood station were stunned and asked how they knew.

Which is how the pair found out the unusual bond they shared.

In an interview with Huanqiu, Lian urged people to donate, saying that “there is a chance to save your future wife.” The pair got married in March 2018.

What are the odds, right?


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