Man Shares His Stepson’s Attempts To Sneak His Girlfriend Out Of The House On Twitter

Ahh, to be young and in love…

We all remember our teenage years, when we’d just started going on dates, and getting in (somewhat) serious relationships and getting a taste of first love. If you were more of a risk-taker, you probably also remember the thrill of sneaking out of the house to meet your significant other or even sneaking them into your room.

Thankfully, though, when we were teenagers our parents probably didn’t have social media accounts to document our attempts to try to sneak our boyfriend or girlfriend out. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about one teenager in particular, who not only got discovered by his stepdad but also had all his endeavors shared with the general public through his Twitter account.

Twitter user Tricky-D shared a detailed account of how he discovered his stepson had a girl in his room and debated on whether or not he would manage to sneak her out without his mother finding out.

He wrote that he was curious to know “how he plans to smuggle her out now that the whole family is awake”, ending it with “…and now we wait.”

His next update revealed that he could hear movement from the teenager’s room, and said, “It’s 10:39 and this poor girl hasn’t had a chance to pee this morning.”

A while later he told the people anxiously waiting for updates that his wife had started cleaning the house, and has not noticed the girl’s shoes by the door yet.

He also shared a picture of the shoes in question, with the caption, “No one in this house would have all white shoes…”

Apparently, they have a chance to sneak out by a side door, but the shoes are on the other side of the house from it, giving the lovebirds a bit of a problem.

Having apparently gotten very involved in giving his followers detailed updates, at 11 am, he also shared a picture of his wife who seemed very focused on her Saturday cleaning.

“My wife,” he wrote. “Cleaning so hard core she doesn’t even notice me standing behind her to take this pic… Music cranked all the way. Now’s the chance… will he see the opportunity?”

Apparently, the son is eighteen – so not that young…

Stakes are getting higher…

He also asked people to vote on who they were rooting for: “Young Love”, or “Mama Bear”.

He speculates the son might be waiting for his mother to start her usual reading after lunch to make his move.

But he was worried that the ending would be a let-down to the people already so invested in it.

And finally, the girl went out of the room! Suspense over, chaos ensues as the stepdad realizes the girl was one of his son’s closest friends. “Mom might believe it’s just a friendly sleepover,” he said. “She was lucky enough to sleep through the [sex] fest above our heads at 4 am.”

Still no news on whether the wife suspects…

a man shared his stepson's attempt to sneak his girlfriend out of the house

And the kid is the picture of ease, not even caring he was caught!

…aaaand young love wins.

a man shared his stepson's attempt to sneak his girlfriend out of the house

Tricky-D ends this story by saying he needs a drink after all the suspense, and well, we get it.

a man shared his stepson's attempt to sneak his girlfriend out of the house

I wonder how the son reacted after he saw the Twitter thread his stepdad had shared. We want an update on that!!


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Source: Boredpanda