Man Struggles To Pay On First Date At Fancy Restaurant; Waiter Saves The Day, AND Date

When you think of first dates, you say to yourself “So what? Let me consider this just as any other out and about” to convince yourself that everything is going to be just fine. And, sometimes your consciousness lets you down and you find yourself stressing about what the date is going to be. You give yourself a ball of nerves walking around the house, changing the outfit 3 times(or more) and simply want it to be perfect.

However, you go out, have either a blast or the worst time of your life, and there comes the moment to pay the bill. Awkwardness strikes when it comes to paying the bill.

Let us introduce you to the story of this couple’s first date which a person witnessed in the restaurant eating alone and shared with the rest of the world on Twitter.

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The Twitter user @forwardnotback shares on Twitter the story of this couple who were on their first date to a fancy restaurant, and the man didn’t think much of the prices there. It turns out that the person sitting alone wasn’t the only one to witness the whole situation, but the waiter as well. Read through the tweets and see for yourself the wholesome gesture that made the couple’s night.

This is how the Twitter user  begins the storytelling:

Going on like:

Things people go through to impress their first dates…

The girl knew better…

This is so awkward!

There goes another awkward moment…

When the waiter returned:

The waiter came back once again…

When the waiter comes again…

I love this person’s dedication in the storytelling:


Hope he didn’t miss anything!


This is when the storyteller was leaving:

Image credits: Forwardnotback

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