These Manatee Mailboxes Are Both Uncanny And Adorable

Neighbors, that portal into the human psyche that makes us constantly question ourselves. There’s always that neighbor that does that special something. Or, weird something. And for the Twitter user going by the name of Marley, it’s a neighbor who dresses up his mailbox – as a manatee. And the manatee mailbox even has special attire depending on the season.

But as Bored Panda reports, everything can be explained, and the same goes for the weird manatee mailbox. It’s basically a promo for a Florida-based business called “Save The Manatee”, which sells manatee-shaped mailboxes. They’re made out of fiberglass and are 5 inches thick. It will cost you $600 in order to, as the official Manatee Mailboxes website says, “bring cheer and a laid-back ocean feel to your home.”

Slowly but surely, these manatee mailboxes are becoming a thing. But people’s reaction to them is… Off. Some owners have theirs smashed by golf clubs, or set on fire, or stolen and smashed to pieces. I guess some people are easily creeped out? I for one find them kinda adorable. Take a look at them and decide.

This manatee, for example, is naked. Which is inappropriate, right?


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The manatee mailbox is cute I think!


And some owners even dress them up!



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To, umm, uncanny effects.


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Or hilarious effects!


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Meet the Santa Manatee!


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Well, it sucks for the haters, because people are loving it!




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