Manipulation And The Signs Of The Zodiac – Where Do You Stand?

Manipulation. The toxin that will eventually ruin any relationship it manages to touch. But does astrology have an answer? Read up to learn how the signs of the zodiac interact with manipulation.

Thanks to Relationship Goals, we can now learn how each sing (think personality type) deals with manipulation and whether they are susceptible to it. You know, as the saying goes: know your enemy. And another is: forewarned is forearmed.

So let’s read more on this topic and see how we can protect ourselves, or, alternatively, if we engage in manipulation sometimes, how to stop ourselves.

But first, the basics. Zodiac signs are split into the mutable types and the fixed types. The mutable signs are the ones prone to end up being manipulated, while the fixed ones are more immune. As the names might tell you, a mutable sign means that their personality is changeable, while fixed signs have an almost one-dimensional personality. One could also say that mutable signs of the zodiac are more prone to making compromises and sacrificing their boundaries, than the fixed signs.

Here are the mutable signs:


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Think being open-minded and open to making changes, or changing their mind. Those, otherwise positive traits, make the Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces easy targets for manipulation.

And here are the fixed signs:


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These fixed zodiac signs possess so-called fixed energies, and cannot be easily manipulated. They are pretty set in their identities and won’t make it easy for anyone to take advantage of them. Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius are the fixed signs.

Now let’s see how each sign deals with manipulation according to their ruling planet. Do they have an Achilles Heel? A weakness? Are they more prone to be manipulated or to manipulate others themselves?

1. Pisces


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Women Pisces would often brag that they’re easy to manipulate, because they’ve learned to take pride in their ability to transform. Just because they are willing to be played with doesn’t mean that they aren’t aware of what’s going on or that they’re weak. In short, they can love you more than you can possibly manipulate them.

2. Aquarius


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Aquarius women are pretty headstrong in what they want. One of their most common drives in life is finding somewhere they don’t fit in, and then making themselves feel at home right there. In a sense, they are consciously manipulating themselves. Which means that no external manipulation will ever work. The problem is, it’s not a part of her plan.

3. Capricorn


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Capricorn women are known to be cold and headstrong. They’re also very prone to creating boundaries wherever they see fit, in order to prevent any negativity coming through. So, trying to manipulate them? Hah. Good luck with that. Chances are you’re gonna get cut down pretty fast.

4. Sagittarius


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Women Sags are easy to manipulate, because as the saying goes, they may seem strong on the outside but deep within they have a heart of gold. In order to hide this, Sagittarius will often signal to people that they are not fazed by emotions, which is actually one of their weaknesses. These people pretend to be tough, but will go to the end of the world if they are in love.

5. Scorpio


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Scorpio women are tough nuts to crack. They keep their feelings behind a hard shell, and although they are very sociable, they will only let you in on what they really feel in the rarest of occasions. Scorpios can wall themselves in pretty hard in order to avoid any disappointments.

6. Libra


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Libra women are the masters of balance. So, when they are manipulated, it’s only because it makes sense to them and it’s the will of the cosmos, so to speak. If it brings balance, it’s all right. Libra are very indecisive which makes them vulnerable to manipulation.

7. Virgo


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Virgo women are very aware of what is going on in their surroundings. You may think you’re manipulating them, but they’re actually playing you without showing it.

8. Leo


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The Leo females are too proud to accept any kind of manipulation. If they seem they are getting your baits, they only do so because it’s what they want, not because of you. If they don’t want to do something they won’t do it.

9. Cancer


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Depending on her mood, the Cancer woman can either be manipulated or not. But often times it’s exactly Cancer who will be doing the manipulation, but this can backfire if her feelings get in her way. Then, she becomes easy prey for the manipulation of others.

10. Gemini


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A Gemini woman accepts manipulation because she’s just interested in the experience of it. But they’re very difficult to do, especially because of their flaky personalities. Like, even if she accepts the manipulation, knowingly or not, don’t expect that she’ll act like you wanted to.

11. Taurus


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Taurus women are known to be one of the most stubborn in existence, but it’s not their stubbornness that prevents manipulation. It’s just that they’re very closed to changes and really like their stability. They will take their sweet time, but will eventually get there.

12. Aries


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The Aries woman is usually too aggressive to be bothered with such fine things like manipulation. They’re just too busy and obsessed with their goals, needs and wants, so if their partner tries manipulating them, it’s like throwing pebbles at a wall. It just bounces back.

From: relationshipgoals

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