Maria Menounos Has Tied The Knot And Her Wedding Was ‘Truly A Magical Fairytale’

The TV personality, Maria Menounos has gotten married on Saturday in Kalamata, Greece. And boy, her wedding with Keven Undergaro was nothing short of a royal one. She took to Instagram to post a picture of the newly-wedded couple cutting a huge cake that was covered in berries. Of course, this was her dream wedding and she captioned the photo saying, “Truly a magical fairytale.”

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Some other pictures in her post displayed her lemon-filled decor, complete with a scrumptious yellow cake with a multi-color top layer, cheerful lemon centerpieces, yellow plants, yellow-hued drinks, and pastries.


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She said on her Instagram story:

I literally did not expect what I just walked into. I said I wanted some lemons on the tables. I didn’t mean put lemon trees everywhere. This is insane.

And can you guess how many lemons there were at the wedding? It had 1,500 lemons. Yup, you read that right.


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Of course, this whole big wedding needed extra careful planning. That’s why she didn’t forget to thank everyone who made it possible. In a post, she said:

Huge Thanks to @catering.dipnosofistirion @dimitrisskarmoutsos for the most amazing food and for making every dream come true. Everything I had hoped for you took to a level I couldn’t even imagine. Thank you to both Dimitris!

During her big day, she kept her followers updated via Instagram stories. When she was in her veil, she said:

My cousin Nikki let us use her apartment. Literally, Nikki there were about 1,000 people in your house, I just want you to know. Literally 1,000 people. I love you. Thank you.

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The couple truly made a statement with their entrance. They arrived at the church in a carriage!!! With horses and all.

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It was not only the decor that was beautiful. Maria loved the food that was serviced at her wedding, with a special mention of the cheese pie. She drooled:

Literally, the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten in my life. Wasn’t the cheese pie the best?


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Before the ceremony took place, Maria reflected on her dreams and plans, saying:

I’ve been planning this for maybe a month but really been planning this for a long time in my heart because I always wanted to return to Greece and do our wedding here. Greece means so much to us and our village and our roots and I’m so beyond thankful to all of our friends who put this together.


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She is over the moon, happy that she has just married the love of her life and it seems that everything in her life is in its right place. She said, feeling thankful:

Honestly, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I have the best husband, I have the best family, nothing is without its problems and nothing’s perfect but I am so blessed and so so happy today that we get to do this amazing wedding in this beautiful village that I want to move to although I think Keven may divorce me and that would kind of suck.

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For their first wedding, Maria had fancied herself a Pronovias strapless lace “Randala”-designed gown, while Undergaro opted for a Ralph Lauren tux. The two exchanged their own vows with rings by Jean Doussett while their parents, including Menounos’ mom, Litsa, who is battling stage-4 brain cancer, watched nearby.

Menounos, who was told she had brain tumor back in the summer of 2017, at the time told PEOPLE:

I really truly believe that it’s taken us this long [to get married] because of the pressures of putting a wedding together. I’ve always wanted it to be super intimate and even though this is the opposite, we can only invite our immediate family, so the pressure of who to invite is gone. This was just so perfect.

Long live the happy couple. <3


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