Marnie Simpson Struggles To Get Through Passport Gate After Extensive Surgery

If you watch Geordie Shore Tv Show then you know it follows eight young men and women as they spend a summer experiencing the highs and lows of Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s famous party scene.

One of the girls of Geordie Shore is the 26-year-old Marnie Simpson, who now looks so different after extensive surgery.  In an effort to change her looks, the reality TV star has undergone two nose jobs, two boob jobs and had lip fillers, among other things. Although the girls of Geordie Shore are no strangers to big transformations, this time Marnie Simpson had some trouble getting through passport control at the airport recently as she looks so different from her passport photo that she was almost unidentifiable.

This time Marnie was returning from a trip to Ayia Napa with fellow reality TV star Helen Briggs, from Ex On The Beach, when she endured the struggles of the passport gate. A picture shared on Instagram showed Marnie at the ePassport gates, waiting for the camera to match her face to her passport picture.

Helen put the picture on her Instagram story, with the caption: “When you don’t match your passport picture anymore @marnieofficial”. At the beginning of this month Marnie posted a picture of her new nose to Instagram explaining the decision she made, she wrote:


“I wanted to share my experience with you guys about my revision rhinoplasty to hopefully help others find the best surgeon, as I know this is very important, I’ve had previous surgeries and it left me feeling unhappy and struggling to breathe so I know choosing the right doctor is majorly important!This is why I decided to travel over seas As having so many previous issues left me feeling stressed and anxious and this is what brings me to the sought out expert @drghavami this is who Did my revision rhinoplasty And helped me breathe better and made me feel so much more confident In myself!”

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Marnie has even shared a video before on social media while getting her bum injected. She has always been open about her surgeries in the past. She told The Sun earlier this month that she first started getting surgery when she was 23 years old, saying:

“Once you go down that route you can’t stop it. You want to perfect everything which is impossible. So if people were to come to me and ask about plastic surgery I always say, ‘don’t do it because it’s a road that you’ll never come back from. But if you’ve got something you really hate then get it fixed. Otherwise, you’ll never ever be happy with it.”

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Then she continued:”I think you should wait until you’re older as well. 25. I was 23 when I had my first. Which I don’t think is too bad. I wouldn’t mind another uplift. I just want tweaks – it’s so easy and so open to get.”

Thus advising people to wait until they are older, when it comes to making the decision for a surgery.

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By the end, I really hope she convinced that airport camera that is her and she was able to pass the gates…

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