24 Couples Who Manage To Keep Their Marriage Fresh

Married couples should understand that the key to happiness is to keep your marriage fresh and fun. If you create some type of routine, then things start to get a little monotonous. So, the happiest couples manage to make their marriages last by finding different ways to make it fun and playful. Down below there are 24 people who found unique ways to prevent their marriage from becoming a routine. Check them out, courtesy of Providr!

1. Why so serious?

Posing for wedding pictures can be a lot of fun. But of course, it’s important to take some good pics for your partner, and then have fun together and be silly while posing.


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2. Place funny bets

This husband’s wife wagered that she could shave her husband’s foot without waking him up, but the husband didn’t believe it. She accepted the challenge, shaved his foot and painted his nails.


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3. Teensy blanket

His wife decided to make him a blanket but her husband doesn’t really look amused. He’s accepting of her silliness.


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4. Surprise gifts

She surprised him with socks that look exactly like him. Such a great way for couples to surprise each other and keep it fun.


5. Underwear pics

When her husband asked for a picture in her underwear, this was her response. Priceless.


6. Couples costumes

This couple dressed as Indiana Jones and his father from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Creating memories.


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7. Old shirts

You can tell how much he loves his shirt. Even though it’s worn, haggard and stained, to appease his wife, he wrote a digital message over it just so she can allow him to keep it.


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8. Cooking experiments

Another good way to break out of routine is to experiment with new recipes together. But sometimes, some experiments don’t turn out like you expect.


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9. Cooking experiments II

He thought his wife was cooking chicken with rice but the whole thing took a “dead turtle” type of appearance.



10. April fools pranks

She put a sign on the back of her husband’s car to confuse him on April 1st.


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11. Testing the limits

After the discussion of having “no socks on the floor” with his wife, he decided to find an immediate loophole in her argument.


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12. Catching your spouse doing something funny

When you find your spouse doing something embarrassing and humiliating, take a picture and share it with the world.


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13. Beer advent calendar

Spice things up by gifting your significant other with a beer advent calendar.


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14. Shower prank

When your wife wants a “toasty shower”, that’s what you get her.


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15. Silly notes around the house

Add a bunch of silly notes for each other around the house. This one means he’s out of cigarettes.


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16. Capture the silly moments

His wife had to undergo an ultraviolet treatment so he made sure to remember this moment forever.


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17. Announcements

She decided to watch her husband go on an emotional roller coaster.


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18. Romantic bath

He requested a romantic bath for the two of them when he got home. Turns out he had to do the dishes instead!


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19. Sandwich mistake

He took a picture of a sandwich that his wife prepared while she and her kids were getting ready for work.


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20. Surprise puppies

He decided to surprise his wife with the dog she always dreamed of.


21. Prankster husband

This man decided to prank every person who steps into his house by telling the world what awful people he lives with.


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22. See-through shower

He was in charge of buying a new shower curtain for his household… Ooops!


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23. Fun portraits

Breaking the rules with these family members face-swaps. The perfect Christmas card.


24. Air freshener prank

He decided to augment his wife’s air freshening spray by adding a little twist to it. Every 15 minutes the creature “spits venom”. Legendary!


Source: Reddit

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