8 Surprising Ways To Pop The Question To The One You Love

You have found your significant other, spend a couple of years together while making outstanding memories, the love keeps growing each and every day so now you have decided it is the right time to tie the knot. This means, you two are entering a new chapter together which is totally different from what you have been going through as a couple until now.

It must feel nice when you come to this point in your life that all you want to do is spend the rest of your life with the one you love. In my opinion, it is also a little bit scary since you never know what the future holds for you. You wake up, thinking you are about to have the best day of your life, only to be faced with so many stuff taking turns not exactly as you wished for. Let me stop right here, I don’t want this piece to be a dark one, since we are to talk about a specifically magical moment that couples go through, and that is proposals! So, dark thoughts aside, let the happiness begin!

As much exciting that proposals might be, they also are followed by a sma-a-a-ll amount of stress. I mean, proposing to the one you love, in the best way possible, with all the little cute details that they are fond of, is what everyone seeks for.

Since couples vary from one another, then, of course, proposals also are different from one another. Some go for flowers, some others go as far away from flowers as they can, proposing to their significant other in a helicopter. While, some people take advantage of some kind of event to pop the question. However, we can all agree that each and every proposal is special in their own way.

We are here today to show you 8 marriage proposals and they are going to make your day, trust me!


1. Parachute proposal


2. While playing instruments proposal


3. In the middle of nowhere proposal


4. Helicopter proposal


5. When at shooting proposal

marriage proposal


6. In the court proposal

marriage proposal


7. Parade proposal

marriage proposal


8. Dancing contest proposal

marriage proposal

Watch the video for the details:

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