10 Marriage Proposals Which Show Romance Is Not Dead Yet

Planning a marriage proposal takes a lot of time. Wanting the moment to be perfect. There are a lot of creative people out there. Their minds create the most touching marriage proposals. Some of them are so thoroughly thought out, have a small hint of humor. It’s kind of impossible to say no. Let’s see a few of those. The romance is not dead yet people!


1. Telescope Proposal

This guy in love shared his love with the moon, he made a lens for the telescope with the inscription “Will you marry me?” and just asked his girlfriend to look at the Moon. How adorable is this!

marriage proposals romance
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2. Dancing Proposal

Having the same interest as your partner can come in handy when you are proposing. Phil Wright decided to propose to his girlfriend, Ashley, with whom he’s dancing, during a dance.

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3. Tattooed Proposal

Vinnie Capaldo-Smith asked his girlfriend, Brooke Wodark, to tattoo his leg. And when she started doing the work, she saw a picture with the inscription “Will you marry me?“ and 2 alternatives of the answer. Brooke gladly encircled the ”yes” square.

marriage proposals romance
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4. Proposal With a GPS tracker

When I say people are so creative!!! This is what I mean. Ben Chudley created a difficult multi-kilometer route during one of his runs, and it was displayed on the GPS tracker in the form of the words “Will you marry me?” Ben revealed the screenshot to his girlfriend, Olivia. Asking her to marry him with a ring as well.

marriage proposals romance
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5. Beluga Whale Proposal

A white whale from a local aquarium was this guy’s assistant on his marriage proposal. The whale brought a box with a note inside: “Will you marry me?“ She said yes, obviously! Who could have said no?

marriage proposals romance
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6. Proposal in Starbucks

Oh, this one is for all the coffee lovers! Austin Mann and Esther Havens rarely saw each other because of their constant travels. They left notes to each other at airports’ Starbucks coffee houses. On one of these notes, Esther found in Amsterdam airport was a marriage proposal.


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7. Ice-cream Proposal

Luke Munsterteiger ordered this special ice cream to propose to his girlfriend, Else. There were emojis on the box that Luke and Else often texted to each other.  And then inscription “Will you marry me?“ Next she ”accidentally” found a treat planned for her in a supermarket.


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8. Board Game Proposal

The woman won a marriage proposal in a board game: she had a card with the inscription “Marry me,” which she had to draw. Her partner took the ring out of his pocket and went down on one knee.

marriage proposals romance
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9. Harry Potter Proposal

Harry Potter inspired marriage proposal. His love is a huge fan of HP. “After he took the mask off, he asked me to be his wife and I said “Yes!” and ugly cried,” she says.

marriage proposals romance
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10. “Literary” Proposal

American Paul Phillips ordered his girlfriend, Erika Ramos an illustrated book about their love story. He then hid the surprise in the local library, where he brought Erica to. After Erika saw the pictures, she happily answered “yes.”

marriage proposals romance
Source: © ppaul9/ reddit.com

Which one of these proposals did you like best?


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