Global Manufacturer Mars Released The New Bounty Easter Egg, And You Don’t Want To Miss It

Life happens, and chocolate helps. But you know what will really help you?! The newest product released by the sweet manufacturer Mars, Incorporated.

As you know, we’ve had the Bounty Easter Egg out for years, but the chocolate manufacturer’s 2019 product is unlike anything you’ve tasted before. While the new egg looks like a standard Easter egg, its taste is completely different — a chocolate egg filled with little pieces of coconut, which is also the main ingredient. In the package, you will find a milk chocolate Bounty bar, as well a dark chocolate version of the classic.

I can feel this will be my new favorite, but then again, chocolate is my favorite.

mars bounty easter egg
Credit: Instagram/NewFoodUK

@NewsFoodUK shared the news on Instagram, and ever since, people haven’t been able to contain their excitement. In a comment tagging some friends, one person said, “if I don’t get one, I’m disowning the lot of you.” And he has every right to do so!

Note that back in December, many people shared their discontent regarding the Celebrations Advent calendar after discovering a Bounty on Day 1.

One disappointed person wrote at the time:

1st of December and I’m already put in a bad mood, door number one on my advent calendar was a bounty.

mars bounty easter egg
Bounty Bar. Credit: Mars

Meanwhile, some people were disappointed with the newest product as well, adding they’ve only “spoilt a perfectly good chocolate egg” when they decided to add the chocolate shavings inside.


Okay, ‘monstrosity’ can never be used when describing chocolate. What is wrong with you people?!!!

mars bounty easter egg
Credit: Cadbury’s

Although it’s still early to think of Easter, Cadbury has already launched its white Creme Egg challenge.

There are 783 white chocolate Creme Eggs in normal wrappers hidden somewhere across the UK in different shops, as well as a challenge in Where’s Wally style to find them hidden in adverts for other brands.

You can officially start your hunt on January 14, and while last year’s prize money for finding one of the small eggs was £2,000, this year will probably be another level of chaos with £10,000 as a prize.

One egg worth £10,000, four worth £1,000, 11 worth £100 and 95 worth £50, will be hidden in Asda. The same amount is at the Co-op too, but they will deliver seven of them somewhere in the UK every week.

M&S currently has an egg worth £10,000, one worth £1,000, one worth £100, and 108 £50, but they will also be delivered in the UK each week.

One egg worth £10,000, four worth £1,000, 11 worth £100 and 95 worth £50 can be found in Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, and Tesco.

This counts only if you find the eggs themselves, however, if you find one in an advert and take a picture of it, you can be in with a chance to secure a prize worth £10,000. Holy moly!

And then there will be 30,000 vouchers for milk chocolate Creme Egg, as well as 1,000 white chocolate Creme Ehh prizes.

All the more reason to love chocolate!


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Featured Image Credit: Mars

Source: Ladbible