7 Massage Therapy Benefits For Body And Mind

Massage therapy is a treatment approach that involves hands-on techniques to rub and knead the muscles and joints of the body. Massage therapy benefits are large in number. They vary depending on the wellness goals and needs of the individuals.

Since massage therapy is growing in popularity, many companies have started to provide coverage for massage therapy sessions. Thus, according to some estimations, the massage therapy industry is growing every year in the U.S. and around 39.1 million adults Americans had a massage at least once in the previous year, Dr. Axe writes.

Not only massage therapy is an effective way to improve blood flow and alleviate sore muscles but it can also help reduce stress and provide people with other wellbeing benefits.

Today, there’s a wide range of massage therapy techniques used by therapists around the world to help people overcome common health conditions and other wellbeing issues but also for relaxing purposes. Classic massage techniques like Swedish massage or Aromatherapy are great to relieve anxiety and depression but they also help to relieve muscle tension and ease other physical pain.

Like the name itself implies – in the aromatherapy massage technique, the therapist uses essential oils during the process of stroking and rubbing the client’s body. However, not all of the massage therapists use oils or other scented lotions.

In the other hand, Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage are some massage types that are designed to treat specific muscle injuries and other body ailments. Massage therapy benefits are not focused only on the improvement of our emotional state, but they can also charge our health and wellness goals for better. See below 7 massage therapy benefits:

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Massage Therapy Benefits


1. Brings relaxation

According to Body&Mind Massage, massage is a great way to pamper yourself and relax. Classic massage therapy like the Swedish technique, but also other types of massage are proven to lower the production of cortisol (stress hormone), thus enabling the body to enter into a state of relaxation. Moreover, massage therapy also may release endorphins, the hormones that help to relieve pain or stress, and boost happiness. Also, some people enjoy massage because of the connection and comfort it promotes when one is engaged in the process of physical contact. At the end of the day, massage therapy will boost your mood by making you feel more relaxed, reduce fatigue and it can even improve sleep during the night.


2. Reduces back and headache pain

Massage therapy benefits the body not only to loosen the tension and stiffness in the muscle but also helps in easing back pain and headaches. According to research at Granada University in Spain, a single therapy session helped patients with chronic tension headaches, Best Health Magazine reports.


3. Improves Posture

Sitting on a chair for 8 hours can be tiring and can also lead to poor posture habits. However, massage therapy can come at hand here. A consistent massage therapy session will loosen tense and sore muscles. Thus allowing your body to turn into its healthy posture it once had. Moreover, massage therapy helps the body to get back to its correct position by reducing the pain that was caused because of poor posture habits. This beneficial aspect of massage therapy is very important and used widely by people who are constantly working in offices for long hours.

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4. Improves circulation

If massage is done on a regular and consistent basis it can produce long-term effects on our body. The hands-on pressure can move the blood through damaged areas of the body and lead to improved or proper circulation. In turn, the release of this same pressure causes new blood to flow into tissues, so it can heal stiff and tense muscles.


5. Reduces stress, soothes anxiety and depression

Studies have found that massage therapy session helped people to reduce stress but also lower anxiety and depression levels. Various massage therapies have improved sleep in individuals, rejuvenated body energy and helped them achieve significant success in depression treatment.

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6.  Strengthen the body’s immune system

Studies have shown that regular massage sessions can boost patients’ white blood cell count, which play a major role in protecting the body from diseases. In addition, if done regularly just like gym exercises, massage therapy can help the immune system to stay strong and resilient.


7. Reduces muscle pain

Some of the message therapies are intended to target the muscle pain in your body and then help to eliminate it. At the end of the massage session, the affected muscles will be more relaxed, flexibility will be increased and the pain in the muscles, as well as in your whole body will be reduced.

Lastly, remember that massage can also be learned at home with a partner or somebody to give you feedback. However, a professional therapist will not only help you relax and loosen your muscles, but he can also help treat specific injuries and help you reach a healthier state of body and mind.