Turn Heads With These 12+ Matte Nail Designs

If we’re all on the same mindset, we know that taking proper care of your nails is extremely important and that nails are the little complementary detail in a look. Well, if you also think this way, and love experimenting on nail art and designs, you will find this article useful.

We know how nail art can be, it can go from the extremes and all the way to minimalistic designs. It all varies. But we have explored many of them in the journey towards finding out what beauty trends have in store for us, manicure lovers. We have seen quartz nails, pencil crayon nail designs, art for short nails, even jelly nails and bubble wrap ones have been a thing. I am telling you, the creativity of nail designs reaches far lengths.

However, what we’re going to show you right now, is none of the aforementioned above. We’re going to explore together the art of matte nail designs and, well, prepare to be amazed!


1. Matte With Several Colors

Source: Aliciatnails


2. Darker Matte Colors

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Source: Misspopnails


3. Matte And Chrome

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4. Matte And Holographic Details

Matte X holo #holonails #mattenails #nyc #notd

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5. Unique Water Technique

Source: Vanityprojects


6. Pink And Simple Colors

Source: Julieknailsnyc


7. Matte And Opalescent Flakes

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8. Different Colored Designs

Source: Cassmariebeauty


9.  Gold On Matte

Source: Nail_unistella


10. Gold Splattered Nails

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Source: Ladycrappo


11. Matte And Metallic

Source: Aliciatnails


12. Nude Matte

Source: Dreasnails


13. Matte Pink Ombre

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14. Marble Nails

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