Dad Recreates Girlfriend’s Pregnancy Pictures After Eating At McDonald’s

When 26-year-old Nick Roberts discovered his girlfriend Brianna Magee was pregnant, he wanted to do a photo shoot celebrating the occasion, but not one resembling the numerous others. He called up his friend, photographer Stephen Cwiok, they grabbed some food at McDonald’s and off they went.

Nick, who works as a plumber in Boston, Massachusetts, ate 2 McDoubles, a McChicken, a four-piece chicken nugget, two chocolate chip cookies and a medium Dr. Pepper while doing the shoot in order to give himself a pregnant belly.

The joker says that the experience brought him “much closer to the pregnancy”.


You are probably thinking that it’s a lot of fast food to eat and that’s exactly how Nick feels. The shoot was not easy to do at all. He said:

“If I’m being completely honest, the awful cramps from the double cheeseburgers brought me so much closer to the pregnancy. Now, I’ll never know what being in labor feels like, but I feel in my heart it can’t be too far away from eating a lot of fast food. I’m truly blessed to have had this eye-opening experience.”


“We spent about two hours shooting. It was a difficult shoot to get done, due to the nonstop laughing and the fact that we were covered in ticks. The shoot was really tough to do because we could just not control ourselves,” he revealed.

The pictures Stephen Cwiok photographer made, were displayed at the couple’s gender reveal party for their friends. Now, the rest of the world discovered them, with the tongue-in-cheek Facebook post receiving 131,000 reactions and more than 90,000 shares.


Here’s how Nick’s tummy looked once he got all that fast food down


“I’m honestly mind blown that it has gotten this big,” Nick told Scary Mommy


23-year old Brianna gave birth to their baby boy, Logan, on Halloween. Photographer Cwiok shared her reaction to the photo shoot:

“His girlfriend’s reaction to the photos was just as priceless, but she also didn’t seem too surprised at the idea that Nick would do something like this,” the photographer explained. “He’s probably the funniest guy I know.”


Source: 9Gag