McNugget Marriage Proposal: One Man Asked His Girlfriend To Marry Him With A McDonald’s Box

Engagements are common on Valentine’s Day. The setting for an idyllic marriage proposal usually involves roses, champagne, fancy restaurants but one guy decided to be more original. Kristian Helton from Lincoln, Ilinois knowing his girlfriend’s love for McDonald’s chicken nuggets decided to pop the question to the girl of his dreams with a McDonald’s chicken nugget box.

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The 19-year-old told NBC: “Her love for chicken nuggets, I’m sure, is more than she loves me. She has devoted her life to chicken nuggets, so that had to be part of the engagement.”

And his girlfriend and future wife –  Karsyn Long said:” Ido like chicken nuggets a lot and I think since he knew that he thought it would be the best way to propose to me.” “I know this sounds bad,” Long told WAND. “I go to McDonald’s a lot and I always get chicken nuggets. I won’t get anything else.”

The teen placed the ring in the chicken nugget box and wrote ‘Will you McMarry me?’ on the inside.


Long added: “I didn’t hesitate to say yes because he is obviously the one I want to spend my life with.”

Helton joked:”You have a chicken nugget loving girlfriend, that’s how you should propose to her.”


The happy couple has been together for nearly two years and they have a son together that they named Keegan. Can you imagine what Helton would do for the wedding. It will definitely be something McDonald’s themed. Maybe a McDonald’s drive-thru one with unlimited nugggets? That way his soon-to-be wife will be over the moon.

Congratulations to the happy couple and may they share many, many chicken nuggets together.

Source: Unilad