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Meghan Markle Made The Queen Laugh With Her Clever Christmas Gift

Everyone had low expectations at first, but as time goes by, Meghan Markle seems set on convincing everyone that she will be one fine member of the British Royal Family.

Seems like Meghan Markle will be having the last laugh.


According to VT, Meghan’s latest sweet gesture involves a thoughtful Christmas gift!

As is usual of her, the American royal bride-to-be went against the tradition of boring Christmas gifts, and instead, she thought of something cuter and more comedic. Especially when it came to choosing a present for Prince William – her brother-in-law (well, soon to be!).

Since he’s likely going to be King one day, Meghan decided to make a pun on that and got him a nice Tam O’Shanter hat. For those who aren’t into all things British, the Tam O’Shanter cap is one of those traditional Scottish hats, worn on top of a tartan and hiding a brush of ginger hair. Only that Meghan’s cap features actual fake ginger hair too!

Here it is:


Now, you might think William could get it very wrong, but thankfully, he didn’t. Sources close to the Royals have said that:

“She bought William a Scottish cap with ginger hair. It was very funny – he saw the funny side too thankfully.”

But Markle didn’t stop there. Emboldened by her own ingenuity and William’s positive reaction, she decided to get something for Her Majesty The Queen, too. So, what did she buy the Queen?

Ahem. A singing hamster toy. Alarmed? Don’t be! Here’s what the insider said:

“Meghan bought a little hamster that sings with a little rope for Her Majesty. It was so funny, especially when the corgis tried to take hold of the toy. She laughed and said ‘they can keep my dogs company.'”

“Whew! That went well!” said the toy hamster.



Meghan Markle has been met with a lot of suspicion at first. Being a divorcee, she ruffled feathers left and right at the Royal court, but gradually, she’s proving everyone wrong about her. So much so that they even allowed her to join them on Christmas Day – against the rule of tradition which said that “brides-to-be don’t get to sit with US.”

Well… Cheers to changes and Meghan Markle!

Source: vt

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