Meghan Markle’s Old CV Reveals Long List Of Surprising Talents We Didn’t Know Before

Right now, Meghan Markle is the hottest name in the celebrity world ever since news appeared that she’s set to become the newest member of the Royal family.

But just a few months ago, Meghan was not the household name that she is now. While she was very successful in the hit-series Suits over in the US, she was not so well-known in the UK.

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Before breaking into Hollywood, Markle’s CV was pretty varied performing some interesting jobs. TMZ saw her old CV and figured out that Markle had a wide range of talents. She got some TV credits on shows like Fringe, Cuts and her role as Hot Girl in A Lot Like Love.

In the skills section, she claimed to be a competitive athlete being good at baseball, golf, swimming, horse riding, snowboarding and baton twirling. Meghan is also able to sing both pop and country as well as playing the guitar and drums.

But her most interesting skills has to be “being a good DJ, juggler, masseuse and stripper.”

Wow. I imagine that can’t go well with the Royal family.

The 36-year-old graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois with a degree in theatre. She worked as a calligrapher to pay the bills after graduating and took some small acting jobs. Her clients included writing correspondence for Dolce & Gabbana as well as doing the weddings invites for the likes of Robin Thick, but it didn’t end there.

She also worked in the US Embassy in Argentina and as a “briefcase girl” on Deal or No Deal USA.

It’s believed that Meghan and Prince Harry will be married in the begging of next year. The 33-year-old prince claimed that he would like to marry someone who is used to appearing in the spotlight, “only somebody who was already in the public eye would be able to understand and handle everything that goes with being with [a prince].”

The pair met last summer and has been together ever since.

Well, at least we can say that Prince Harry will have a very talented wife.

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