Melissa Rauch Had Delivered A Baby Girl After Suffering A Miscarriage

Thirty-seven-year-old actress Melissa Rauch delivered her first baby! The Big Bang Theory actress announced that she became a mother on 4th of  December. The talented actress, who plays Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz on the show, was struggling to become a mother. On the show, the blonde Bernadette is already pregnant with her second baby.


Sharing the news with her Instagram followers, the 37-year-old actress posted a picture of an ‘It’s a girl’ card. She called her newborwn Sadie.

The journey of becoming a mother was far from easy for the actress. Early in July, the star comedian documented on Glamour the struggles of her pregnancy. In the essay, she described the trauma she and her husband went through after her first miscarriage. Melissa also talked about all the fears she had with the current pregnancy.


After she lost the first child to miscarriage, she felt it was like a sharp dagger pierced into her heart. Melissa did not understand where she had gone wrong as a mother. The pain of losing her unborn child was too much to bear.

In an interview, she said, “miscarriage is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Honestly, I could not understand why it had to be me bearing all this pain. I could always look at other pregnant women, and every time it would bring back fresh memories of my lost child.”


She suffered prenatal depression and tried to overcome the issue. Every day, it was a painful process of recovery.


After going through this painful ordeal, she decided to start a PSA platform with other celebrities who suffered similar issues. This initiative offered an opportunity to talk about pregnancy loss, and how to deal with it. Melissa thinks miscarriage is a good topic to talk about because often people assume it’s the woman’s fault about it.

In most cases, the issue of miscarriage is way beyond anyone’s control. At first, Melissa felt guilty but then realized she is not responsible.

Well, congratulations to Melisa Rauch and her husband Winston for their new bundle of joy!


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