Memory Pillows Are The Cutest Way To Honor The Ones That Are No Longer Here

There isn’t a sweeter way to remember someone by keeping something they wore or a present they gave you. Nowadays, you can revive the memory of your loved ones that had passed away through a lovely creation called the memory pillow. Memory pillows have become a popular way to utilize the belongings of someone close to us that has passed away. It is an opportunity to hug them every single day. Here are some examples to get you inspired.


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You can use any type of shirt, including dress shirts or a simple t-shirt.

Many choose an embroidered patch that says “This is a shirt I used to wear, whenever you hold it, Know that I am there.”

If the shirt pillow is not your favorite design, try choosing the color you like to make your wish come true. Or pick your loved one’s favorite color that reminds you so much of them!


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DaintyDivaBows sells a variety of memory pillows on Etsy.

You can also include the handwriting of your loved one! It looks adorable on the pillow! Choose a simple color or their favorite t-shirt for the pillow design. Then, use their handwriting on the design so that you always remember it well. It looks very stylish, too. Plus, you can put the loved one’s favorite piece of wisdom on the pillow.


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Rosy Cheeks Bowtique will make teddy bears out of your loved one’s shirts, too.

Is there a sweeter way to revive the relationship with your loved one? There are so many options to choose from! Let’s be honest. Teddy bears are way cuter than pillows. This is a great opportunity to awaken the inner child in you, too!


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Here are more examples of memory teddy bars.

Source: Diply