12 Of The Most Abominable Hairdos Ever

There are so many creative people out there in the world, but, sadly, some of them have trouble finding their medium. You know, sometimes painting, writing, or composing just won’t cut it. You need something else you can play with and mold to your heart’s desire. How about your hair? Yes, that’s a great idea, and since you always carry that around with you, everyone you meet will know what a creative and inventive person you are! Genius!

It’s a brave thing to wear your heart on your sleeve, or on your head, as it were. Especially, when your genius ideas for cool and edgy, never-before-seen hairdos are actually neither cool nor edgy. Indeed, they have never been seen before, but that’s a good thing, and they should’ve stayed that way. Because they’re so ridiculously cringe-worthy that you have to wonder if these people have ever come in contact with any sort of reflective surface. I can only assume they had their hair done like this as a joke or on a dare. There’s no other rational explanation.

Here, take a look at these 12 hairdos (more like hairdon’ts), compiled by The Poke, and see if you can find any rhyme and reason as to why they were ever invented.

1. You are what you eat, and I eat a lot of raw minced meat



2. When you’re either a die-hard fan of Minecraft, or of Picasso’s Cubist pieces



3. When you work from 9-5, but you are going as a pharaoh to that Ancient-Egyptian-themed party at 6


4. What are you talking about? Spiky hair is cool! – Yeah, but you need to actually have hair to pull it off…



5. How to make sure people don’t vote for you in one simple step


6. Someone went so overboard with the hair gel, he actually fell into the ocean



7. What haircut do you think looks best on a round face? Hairdresser:



8. Business in the front, cringe in the back. And you thought mullets were bad…



9. When you grew up on a farm and need something to remind you of home when you move to the city


10. I love the comb-over. Said no-one ever.



11. When you’re vegan and absolutely everyone needs to know it



12. Because having a mustache above your lips is too mainstream



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From: thepoke

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