These Men Have Managed To Keep Their Inner Child Alive And It’s All So Lovely

Age is just a number, they say. They also say you’re as old as you feel. However, age is a natural process that happens nevertheless.

When it comes to keeping a young soul or keeping the inner child within you alive, people believe it can happen and that it definitely makes life more enjoyable. Humans grow, experience by experience, day by day, year by year – change happens. And that’s how I believe it should be. As individuals we need growth. But managing to not let the world toughen you too much, and managing to keep your inner child alive – that’s something worthy and quite adorable.

So, on the road towards growing as an individual, the people below have managed to keep their inner child alive and the journey seemed to have become quite a lovely one.

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1. “During a 12-hour flight delay my boyfriend wandered off. When I found him he was in the middle of a Pixar movie marathon with a group of 5-year-olds. He’s the one for me,”

men who kept their inner child alive

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2. Adults can have fun too.

men who kept their inner child alive

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3. When a sense of humor and creativity collide, funny things happen.

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4. Won’t a storm allow you to witness the eclipse? This man has a solution.

Source: djbootybutt


5. “Today my boyfriend bought a label maker.”

Source: tdgonex


6. Someone ordered 500 googly eyes and one of the first things they did was, quite impressive, to say the least.

Source: SaltMineForeman


7. “My 90-year-old grandfather at HIS battle station. He was the person who introduced me to several tech things, such as a PC, an iPad, and a Tesla,” 

Source: timemctraveller


8. When you get overpriced smart bulbs and try to impress your wife and the security camera is there to record your impressive skills.

Source: textredditor


9.“My Dad got his head stuck in the porch yesterday whilst trying to feed a dead bee to a spider that lives in the bushes…”

Source :SerenityStarCraft


10. When you’re home alone and some things are just too tempting for the inner child within you.

Source: j_piper


11. “My boyfriend is a seller on Amazon. This is what I came home to.”

I mean, cool. Not always you get to witness a bunch of sharks doing the ironing…

Source: ThingsWeSasy


12. “Printed and attached to wife’s spraying air freshener while she wasn’t home. Spits acid every 30 minutes.”

I am telling you, creativity and a sense of humor are a good combination.

Source: PriebeWoodworks


13. I mean, can this get any more adorable? Oh, by the way, the picture was captioned with: “My husband is no longer allowed to go to the craft store alone.”

Source: plutosrain


14. “Caught my husband red-handed… Thought he was working out.”

There’s nothing like a good game when you’re supposed to be doing something else.

Source: GorJess229


15. “I got married last week, my wife wanted me to only take serious pictures with my groomsman,” was what Reddit user captioned the picture.

Source: goosse

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