20+ Hilarious Men Who Want To Make Sure Their Relationships Never Get Boring

While in a serious and longterm relationship, it’s very important to spice things up once in a while. While some take their dates out to romantic dinners, some come home with bouquets of flowers or leave cardboard cutouts of clowns in the washing machine. But nothing says I love you more than a good old practical joke. In a list compiled by Bored Panda down below, you have some more examples of men who are willing to risk their relationship for a laugh. Make sure to vote for your favorite one in the comments.

1. “When my wife leaves town, I get bored. Six days into her vacation I joked “I am going to have a formal dinner with the cats” then I thought about it for a while.”


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2. “Watching my girlfriend’s tortoise while she’s on vacation. She told me to keep him out of trouble.”


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3. “Had minor surgery today. My husband didn’t want to take any chances so he wrote instructions on my arms and legs.”


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4. “I ask my husband if he realizes he has never actually painted us both in the same painting so this is the masterpiece.”


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5. “My wife wanted a run-of-the-mill birthday party. I asked her, “So just a generic party?” this is the result.”


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6. “My girlfriend took a pic at the Dallas aquarium. I took a pic at target. They’re virtually indistinguishable.”


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7. “My wife didn’t appreciate my fridge magnet poem.”


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8. “My wife didn’t want to take maternity pictures so I hired a photographer and took her place.”


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9. “This is what happens when you let your boyfriend take the cat to the groomer.”


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10. “My girlfriend said if I could find her uglier footwear, she would stop poking fun at my crocs.”


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11. “My boyfriend of 7 years and I are both physicists. Here’s how he proposed to me.”


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12. “The boyfriend got in trouble yesterday, so he sent flours to my office today to apologize.”


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13. “When my wife asked me to “touch up” our engagement photos”.


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14. “I got married last week, my wife wanted me to only take serious pictures with my groomsman.”


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15. “This is how to support a marathoning girlfriend.”


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16. “My girlfriend was out of town so my dog and I finally had the dinner we’re always putting off.”


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17. “My newly-wed friend left this for his wife.”


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18. “Last night I told my boyfriend, who is a coke fan, that I like pepsi next. This is what I found when I got home today.”


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19. Botfriend


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20. The way this husband is thankful for his wife and children.


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21. “My husband always leaves me notes when he has to leave town for work.”


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22. “So my sister got goalie gloves for Christmas from her boyfriend for “being a keeper”.


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23. “Heard my husband telling the dog to stay still in the kitchen, walked in and this greeted me.”


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24. “I start my dream job tomorrow (maternity nursing). Here’s the cake my boyfriend got me to celebrate.”


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25. “I bought my wife a necklace for Christmas. The guy asked me if I would like it gift wrapped. I told him yes and asked him to make it look as horrible as possible. He pulled out a roll of tape and said “As you wish sir”


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26. “Picking a fight with my wife.”


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From: boredpanda