Can Men Enjoy Romantic Movies? Yes, And Here’s A Good List!

With dating being so complicated nowadays, because we’ve transferred 90% of our lives online, the gaps between men and women are seemingly reaching record levels. Sometimes, it’s like we’re speaking two different languages, coming from two different species. Don’t agree? Read this:

– What’s wrong honey?

– Nothing.

– Ok.

*door slam*

Yeah. Anyways, we should all work a bit harder on bridging those gaps. Understanding each other better will greatly reduce all the unnecessary stress and drama in our daily lives. We’ll live longer, calmer, more pleasant lives. (At least a man can dream!)

Anyways, here’s a little bit of help in that direction (courtesy of Lifehack). Once in a while, it’s good to watch a romantic movie with your significant other, but a romantic movie that you, my bro, won’t hate or be absolutely bored by. Here are some of the best romantic movies that are – surprisingly – enjoyable for men too!

1. Couples Retreat


A romantic comedy, but putting in a sober effort to underline that no relationships are perfect or easy. You know? Just like it is! This will definitely get you thinking and appreciate your partner better. Besides, the humor is great! Eight people, four couples, going together on a vacation? What could NOT go wrong?

2. Date Night


Is your relationship feeling stale? She seems bored? Dude, you need to DO something. Like, watch this movie! Seriously, it’s not your usual romantic comedy, but a movie about a husband who dares to be more spontaneous. The results? Watch this movie, I’m not spoiling it for you.

3. Alfie


One of the most iconic roles of Jude Law. Basically, he’s a womanizing limo driver, and after he “relaxes” a bit too much and starts sleeping around, he ends up harming those he loves the most. Alfie (2004) will make everyone think about how they treat others.

4. That Thing You Do!


Feeling a bit more famous than your partner? More exposed? More popular? Everyone’s suddenly hitting on you and you’re finding yourself weak-kneed? That Thing You Do! (1996) is the right movie for you and your date, because it illustrates the consequences of loyalty and disloyalty.

5. Begin Again


This movie is ideal after a conversation about the past. Or as a conversation opener about the past. The key thing to remember is that yes, the past does not have to define us. At least, we can always, you know… Begin again.

6. Lost in Translation


Finding yourself in an unfamiliar setting? It’s your first night meeting her parents? But how do you REALLY feel? Lost in Translation (2013) is a thoughtful meditation on finding out what’s important to you through novelty. It’s all about stepping out of that cozy, dull, comfort zone.

7. Juno


You know? Sometimes it takes a pregnancy to learn what real love is. Luckily for you, my dude, you don’t have to go through the same experience to glean a lesson or two. Just watch this movie instead. It will get you thinking what true dedication and love look like.

8. About Time


What happens when you combine time travel and – wait for iiiit – finding a girlfriend? Well, this movie definitely has a take on that! It’s a feel-good piece, and I guarantee you, it will keep both of you entertained. Perfect.

9. 50 First Dates


Chances are you’ve probably seen this, because it was a very popular comedy film. Okay, a DECADE ago. Damn, I’m feeling old! But if you haven’t seen 50 First Dates (2004), make sure you do. It combines Adam Sandler and a Drew Barrymore who forgets everything that happened yesterday. So, guess what? Adam can try his luck 50 times! But is also faced with being forgotten again and again. It’s a comedy movie with a strong message.

10. The Holiday


Two friends decide to switch places after one breaks up, and the other is stuck in unrequited love. Soon, though, they end up on the opposite sides of the world! Feel-good and will remind you of how you met each other.

11. One Day


A one-night stand turns into a friendship. But is it only that? Or hey, if it’s only that, what’s wrong with it? We follow Dexter and Emma through the years as they face different challenges and ruminate on each other’s roles in their lives. Thoughtful, yet romantic, movie.

12. The Tourist


A man takes a trip to Europe, and due to a case of mistaken identity, finds himself in… Well. Let’s just say certain predicaments. Whatever he finds himself in though, there’s Elise, his unexpected crush. But is everything as it seems, seeing as he, himself, is mistaken for someone else? Watch this and find out!

13. 500 Days of Summer


Tom is a hopeless romantic, but Summer, his crush, doesn’t believe in love nor relationships. Logically, lots of chaos ensues, as the two of them still date for a year. But hey, didn’t Nietzsche say that “in order to birth a dancing star you need chaos”? Or something along those lines. At any rate, this is a thought-provoking movie on the perspectives of love. And it shines like a dancing star.

14. The Break-Up


What happens when lovers decide to break up but don’t want to leave the place? Well… This is a movie that will try to answer that question. In hilarious ways that will still make you reflect.

15. Love & Other Drugs


What happens when a womanizer (yeah, I’m talking about you, reader!) finally finds himself wanting to settle down? And for a woman who doesn’t even want a boyfriend? Well, this movie happens, and it’s worth a watch, believe me, because it will help you figure out what you hold important in your life – whatever that is.

Source: lifehack

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