Men Desperately Want Women To Know These 12 Things About Them

They say women are from Venus and men are from Mars, but you know what? Even though we are biologically different, we’re all human, after all. They also say that women are complicated beings, but in reality, are men really that simple?

Perhaps it’s not about complexity, perhaps is about knowing the right things about each other. Here are 12 things guys wish you knew about them, but will never tell you, courtesy of AuntyAcid.


Men and women are truly different, and it takes courage and patience to understand the other gender.


But there are a few issues that are often overlooked or even ignored by women.

Just like women, men, too, have certain preferences.

For centuries men have been asking themselves the question, “What do women want?”


But now it’s time to turn the tables and ask the same question about men.

“What do men want?”

Here are your answers.

1. Take a few moments to surprise them


Although men are believed to hate surprises, it is not always the case. Go on and surprise your loved one. The possibilities are endless.

2. Honesty is key


Lies are like poison. It’s important to men to build a relationship based on trust and loyalty.

3. Deep conversations


A good conversation is always a good thing, but you have to respect your partner’s thoughts, even though they might be different from yours.

4. Men are more action-oriented


You should always pay attention to a man when they’re not speaking because this says a lot about what they are feeling. Watch out for how your man acts around you.

5. Men like it when you take care of them


We all love it, don’t we? Men also appreciate when you give them an affectionate hug and a gentle smile. Do it more often!

6. A strong, independent woman


Men actually love women who are cool, independent, and confident. Taking good care of oneself is important in relationships, too.

7. They want you to be happy


Show your partner that you are happy with them. It will make them happy, too! Happiness shared is joy multiplied.

8. He wants you to trust him


You can tell how much a guy wants you to trust him by observing how he handles his personal time alone. Men sometimes need space from intimacy and they often hang out with friends or do certain things alone. Give them some space!

9. They need a partner


If a man seems distant and not really interested, try asking him to reveal his feelings about you. You may tell him that you are seeing someone else. If he is happy for you, you can go on, but if he tries to win you back, you are back in the game.

10. They like to feel that they’re valued


No one likes to be constantly criticized. You need to find ways to make them feel good and loved.

11. Men can be pretty clueless when it comes to women


This may sound stereotypical, but for some men, it’s not far from the truth. Communication is very important, so don’t expect that your partner will read your mind. If you’re looking to improve your relationship then you should try telling each other how you feel.

12. Men don’t want to be the butt of the joke


No one likes being trash talked, so never share your love and relationship issues with other people.

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Source: auntyacid

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