Menstruation Pain: Home Remedies To Soothe Cramps

Yes, we will be talking about that time of the month. Us women know exactly what that means. Most of the time, we dread them. Sometimes we are super relieved we get them if you know what I mean. Other times, seeing that we have gotten our period can be extremely disappointing. They come with an abundance of discomforts. While someone experiences mild pains and relatively easy-manageable flow, other women battle severe pains and heavy flows every single month. When it comes to menstruation pain, we all deal with it in our way. There are a few things you can do to subside the pain.

Menstruation Pain

Before we talk about menstruation pain remedies, let us talk a little bit about what it is. Sure, we understand the overall concept of it. We know they’re stomach cramps we experience every month. But what is the science behind them? What exactly happens to our body when we feel that kind of pain? Well, periods are a clear sign that our body prepared itself for pregnancy. While preparing, our body produces a hormone called the follicle-stimulating hormone, or simply FSH. This hormone stimulates our ovaries to create another matured egg. During this time, our body produces estrogen, which helps thicken the walls of the uterus with blood and nutrients.

Now, when the matured egg doesn’t ‘meet up’ with the sperm, then there is no fertilization. This leads to a fluctuation in hormones, respectively of estrogen and progesterone. Their amount decreases which cause uterus contractions. Why? Well, because now all that build-up that was created breaks down. The uterus literally sheds its lining, which results in cramps and discomforts. Though some pain is quite normal, you should make sure to contact your doctor if you think you have dysmenorrhea.


This might have caught you a little off guard. I mean, often times when I am having cramps, I want nothing more than to lay down, get cozy under a blanket, binge-eat, and binge-watch Friends. But actually, any type of exercise is really good for cramps. Believe it or not. Any kind of aerobic exercise gets your blood pumping and decreases your level of pain. That happens because your brain produces more endorphins that help relieve cramps.



Use Heat

Since the heat relaxes muscles, it is the perfect remedy for menstruation pain. And it is all very simple to do. Just fill in a bottle with warm water and then place it on the area that hurts. The pain will be subsided in no time. And your uterus will thank you for it.



Have An Orgasm

Well, the big O can help reduce pain. It’s a win-win situation, actually. You have an orgasm AND the cramps will fade and subside to the point of no pain at all. This is all thanks to the endorphins that our brain releases in times of pleasure. One more benefit of orgasms is that it relaxes the whole body and makes you fall asleep easier.



Chamomile Tea

It has been proven that chamomile has pain-reducing properties. Well, since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it lowers the production of prostaglandin, a hormone that is directly related to cramps. Make sure you drink chamomile tea even before you get your period, thus your body will be prepared.



Vitamin D

When it comes to cramps, there actually seems to be a long-term solution. And that is getting enough vitamin D. One very good thing about vitamin D is that you can get it via an abundance of foods. But if you think that your diet doesn’t consist of enough vitamin D, you can always take supplements.

menstruation pain


So, here are a few things to try out next time you are in pain because of the never-asked-for monthly bleeding. You got this, girl. I mean, all the struggles of the world are worth it since periods are the reason why we can have babies. So, let’s just take them down like champs.


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