You Can Now Become A Mermaid At A Water Park!

In case you have dedicated your childhood to understand mermaids and their superpowers, you might have a chance to actually become one in real life. How many times have you fantasized about being a careless Ariel? This Disney character has been a favorite for many kids for years. Now, a state park in Florida is currently recruiting professional mermaids. Your dreams might become a reality!

On the 13th of January 2018, The Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, Tampa will be holding auditions for mermaids! Are you in to turn one of your greatest fantasies into reality?

Nowadays, there are 17 mermaids and mermen who work there for a whole year. Amazing, right? How do they do it?

According to The Associated Press, there is something interesting that the potential mermaid wannabes have to do on the audition. In the first part of the audition, they will have to complete a timed, 300-yard endurance swim. In this way, they will demonstrate that they can tread water for at least 10 to 15 minutes.


Speaking to The Tampa Bay Times, park spokesman John Athanason explained: “It’s not easy what they do, and a lot of girls find that out.”

He added: “It’s an inherently dangerous job, and you need to be able to not only save yourself, but save a colleague.”

In the second audition, these will need to show that they can do ‘water ballet moves’ such as ‘flips’. All of this has to be done without panicking, however. That’s very important.


Park spokesman John added: “It’s all about how comfortable they are.”

He continued: “We encourage everyone, from every background.”

So, if you are good at moves in the water, this is your chance to become a mermaid. You must be 18 or above and be available for work at least four days a week.

According to the Facebook event for the auditions, the starting salary is $10 an hour, which is around £7.40. Sounds good to me!


Applications will close on the 11th of January 2018. Hurry up, future mermaids!

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures
Source: Pretty52