MetDaan Hits Next Milestone: 1 Million Subscribers On Pamper Yourself

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you have most likely heard of Snapchat’s feature called Snapchat Show. It allows publishers to put together episodes and string them into seasons, offering the audience a brilliant, unique, TV-like experience.
Eager to explore and utilize this feature, MetDaan decided to pilot a show, and what’s a better choice for a show than one that our audience expects and appreciates? So, on November 3rd, 2018, MetDaan joined Snapchat shows with Pamper Yourself, and it has already amassed 1 million subscribers.

As the name suggests, the show depicts the most amazing makeup tips and tricks, the abundant ways of taking care of yourself. From bridal looks to scary Halloween transformations, Pamper Yourself has got them all. It is already on its third season, and it has been airing weekly, every Saturday at 8 pm (PDT). Pamper Yourself has been loved and followed by millions, and proof to that are the over 700 million video views that its episodes have received all time.
Pamper Yourself has managed to build an empire of followers, who eagerly wait for new uploads as they believe MetDaan never disappoints.

Snapchat has made it super easy for people to stay updated with shows. All you have to do is go on the discover tab on Snapchat and find the search bar. Look up the show and subscribe for weekly episodes. You will also receive notifications when an episode is up, to ensure you never miss one.