Miami Anchor Shares Updates Of Her Skin Condition In An Instagram Post

After months of trying to cover her skin condition, a CBS Miami anchor has decided to speak about her painful experience. Frances Wang says that the bumpy rash on her face started after she began using topical steroids for another skin condition known as eczema. Now, she’s dealing with what dermatologists name it perioral dermatitis. According to AOCD, perioral dermatitis is a facial rash that occurs around the mouth but can spread up around the nose and eyes.

The anchorwoman has tried many treatments to clear away the rash on her skin and she was falling in a desperate state herself. However, she said that her anxiety and stress levels went down after her first post about her condition back in September. Since then, she didn’t stop supporting those who are dealing with similar skin problems.

In a new Instagram post, Wang included a collage of six makeup-free selfies in which she compares pics since the first time she developed the skin rash. She wrote:

From May – October it just got worse and worse and worse… I found myself falling into a depressed state and not my usual happy, bubbly self.


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Her skin got improved recently but she says that she has tried so many things and doesn’t know exactly what has impacted the gradual healing. And by saying that x or y cured her, she’s afraid of steering people in the wrong direction, saying:

People have been asking what I’m doing that’s working and honestly, I don’t know because I tried so many things from cutting out meat & dairy to probiotics to celery juicing in the morning to no makeup to using all of these topicals. I stopped taking antibiotics in September because they were causing other medical problems.⁣

On a Facebook post, she said that her boss was supportive of her taking some off time from work. She also encourages us to be a little bit more vulnerable & real, adding:

I think that in the filtered world we live in today (I’m guilty of this myself too sometimes), maybe we could all be a little more vulnerable & real.


Kudos for opening up and sharing your experience with us, Frances! May we all help each other in the times of struggles!



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