This Might Be The Most Painful Tattoo In The World

You either love or hate tattoos. There is barely something in between. The simple truth is, they are painful. Some hurt a little, some a lot, and these next ones hurt like hell. Did you know there are some people who love experiencing the pain of getting a tattoo? Yup! Crazy, right? In a project called Brutal Black, tattoo artists put their customers through the brutal pain and film it.


It’s a simple fact that getting a tattoo is a bit painful. But would you put yourself through feeling a LOT of pain?


It’s hard to believe, but some people truly get tattoos just to feel crazy amounts of pain. These people seek out the tattoo artists at the Brutal Black Project, who are more than happy to make their wishes come true.

The Brutal Black Project puts their customers through a lot of pain by tattooing huge, dense black block tattoos all over their bodies. Faces are included, too! Try to think a regular tattoo is painful now. These are nothing compared to that little dolphin on your hip.


These Brutal Black artists won’t let just anyone undergo this process. People who want to look as brutal as possible are the only ones allowed to try this. One of the tattoo artists behind the project, Cammy Stewart, told Vice that, “If you want a brutal-looking tattoo, there is only one way to get it: brutally. If you want to look brutal, you have to go through the process.”


As you may imagine, it’s not that easy to find people who would intentionally do this painful process. So far, the Brutal Black guys have only managed to find three people willing to do it. In case you are interested, it’s free of charge but not of agony. There is also one important point to mention. Stewart said that they always stop if the customer can’t take the pain, “If they’re pleading, you stop. It’s not forced upon them.”


One of the crazy customers of the Brutal Black Project, Frankie, spoke to Vice about his experience. He commented, “I don’t give a f ** k about pain. If you don’t feel pain, you’re not alive.”

Here is a video of the Brutal Black Project in action. Be warned, though, there is a customer going through a rather painful experience. Watch the whole video below:

Source: cammy stewart

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