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10 Tricks And Hacks We’ve Learned From The Military That Make Life Easier

10 Tricks And Hacks We’ve Learned From The Military That Make Life Easier

It takes a lot of bravery and courage to willingly join the military. In my eyes, it is one of the most selfless acts a person can carry out. It’s a duty, a commitment, a dedication. Soldiers feel an obligation towards their motherland, and often times, a love greater than any other love. A soldier’s personal life is almost never their priority. In their missions, they have to plan out carefully and be as meticulous as it is possible. You’re not allowed many mistakes while you’re part of the military. The cost of a single mistake can be too great to bear.

However, what I love most about militaries is how they have got a solution to every problem. It only makes sense that the military would have a few great tricks up its sleeve as often times they have to make do with what they have. And what they have is not always that much. We are here today to learn a thing or two from the bravest souls out there.


1. Duct taping your feet

Soldier shoes are highly uncomfortable. And not to mention the fact that they spend most of the day wearing them. But one day, military people had had enough of hot spots and blisters, so they decided to use duct tape on their feet. Yeap, duct tape. What you can do to avoid those annoying problems of uncomfortable shoes is wrap some duct tape around the areas where your feet rub against the shoe the most. If you want, you can put a band-aid underneath.

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2. Shine bright like a diamond

Ever noticed how shiny military shoes are? Well, here’s their trick. Take your shoes and the shoe shiner and apply a quite generous amount of it over the shoes. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then go over the affected area with a flame. Watch how bright and shiny they become.

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3. Not just for running

Yeap, you can wear running tights underneath almost anything and people won’t be able to tell. The point of all this is to keep you warm during the coldest days and nights of the year. The military knows how excellent this works.

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4. Powder up

Did you know that you can prevent the bad bacteria from regenerating if you powder the affected area with sugar? It is safe for you and you can leave the sugar paste on until you can receive proper medical assistance.



5. Maxi pad is maxi-aid

Well, these are against bleeding, right? So, this shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say that maxi pads can be used to temporarily stop the bleeding until you get professional help.



6. Tie the knot

Are your shoes untying quickly? Well, here’s a piece of advice from the military. They suggest that you tie some more knots along the laces. Easy peasy, right?



7. Military tuck

Have you shed some pounds recently and haven’t quite had time to go and fetch some new shirts? Well, worry not because if your shirt is too big on you, you can always go for the military tuck and ta-da, problem solved.

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8. The fire starter

Who can give you better advice on how to start a fire than the military itself? They suggest that we apply some vaseline to a cotton ball and we won’t struggle with starting a fire at all.

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9. Lose the “tail”

Even been driving and suddenly had the feeling that you’re being followed? Here’s a quick and painless military hack: take four turns consecutively and see whether the person is still behind you. If yes, then it is time to slowly dial up 911 and head to the nearest police station.



10. The art of bedmaking

military hacks

No one fixes the bed as carefully and as meticulously as a military person. Firstly, just fold the side part of the bedsheets and tuck it in. And then fold the footing part and make a straight angle on the side and tuck it in as well.

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Would you try any of these out in your not-so-military life? If yes, which one?

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