This Millennial-Pink Coffin Pool Float Is The Latest Thing The Internet Is Obsessed With

Summer is here, and along with it comes the unbearable heat, the sweating through your clothes and the very bane of my existence, the mosquito bites. Other than the months off school I have never really liked the summer – even as a kid.  It’s just too hot.

So, if you’re anything like me and the summer heat just makes you want to die, then I have just the perfect summer accessory for you. Now you can still show up to that pool party but you can do it in style.

In line with the very dark, millennial humor, two men from Los Angeles have created an honest-to-god coffin-shaped pool float. But if you think that’s a bit too morbid to bring to a party, worry not because it’s pink. And not just any pink – it’s millennial pink!

Apparently, the idea for the float has been in the works for three years, as Andrew Greenbaum, one of the creators, wrote on Instagram.

“Had the idea to start this project almost three years ago, with my guy @ian__felton,” he said. “I found someone who could make me a sample recently and pulled the trigger. Super hilarious project. Truth be told thou, we about $15,000 short from being able to sell this to ya’ll. Let us know if you think a kickstarter would be a cool idea or if you have a rich daddy who wanna invest. We taking suggestion no doubt forsure.”

Once it made an appearance on the Internet, unsurprisingly, Twitter was definitely all for it:

While at the time he posted the picture, the floatie wasn’t for sale due to short funding, apparently, the people loved it so much that it’s actually happening. You can now buy your own coffin-shaped pool float here.
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Source: Andrew_greenbum