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They Grow Up So Fast! Millie Bobby Brown Has Got A Boyfriend

They Grow Up So Fast! Millie Bobby Brown Has Got A Boyfriend

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So apparently Millie Bobby Brown has got a boyfriend. The rumors that the actress, who stars as Eleven in the extremely popular Netflix series Stranger Things, was in a relationship have been circling for a few weeks now, but the 13-year-old now has all but confirmed them.


Who is this lucky boy?

It’s Jacob Sartorius, a 15-year-old pop singer who first rose to fame on the mobile video platform and has since released his debut album. The apparent confirmation that these two are indeed an item comes from Millie’s recently uploaded snap on her Instagram Stories feed. The photo, which featured a date stamp that says ’31 Dec 2017′, shows Millie and Jacob in a loving cuddle. And if that is not enough to convince you of the legitimacy of the romance, the picture was also decorated with three red hearts.


Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius (Instagram)

Speculation about the blossoming romance was rife even before this most recent development. People noticed that Millie and Jacob were liking each other’s photos on social media, which, of course, immediately pointed to something deeper than friendship. And then there was the teddy bear. On January 13, Millie shared a photo of herself hugging the giant plushie and captioned it: “Thanks for the bear.” She didn’t name any names, but Jacob took credit for the cute gift by saying “Of course” in the comments. Oh, and he added a heart.

Thanks for the bear ❤️

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As most things on the internet, this puppy love between two teenagers too was a little bit blown out of proportion. Twitter had some pretty hilarious reactions about this news.

Some people were really surprised that Millie has grown up so fast and has now started dating

the fact that millie bobby brown and jacob sartorius have a thing going on is PROOF that we’re in a black mirror episode

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Others just got themselves way too invested in the relationship

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