The Mismatched Nail Trend Is Here To Stay And We Love It

The 2018 mismatched nail trend lets you wear all your favorite colors and it looks like the trend is here to stay. My inner teen is screaming from excitement.

Reminiscing about the old high school days when I used to paint my fingernails a random array of my favorite neon hues. From bubblegum pink to cherry red, my nail polish collection was pretty impressive. Since I owned a lot of hues, I’d paint at least one of my fingernails a bright color, looking like I had had an aggressive painting session. Luckily, this trend is back and it looks super cool. Just check out the hands of some of the most popular bloggers out there and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Bloggers and nail artists are matching colors with one another for some very vibrant standout effects.

Feel free to choose your favorite hues, and let us know which combination do you like best in the comments below the page.



The pop hue, like the one above, has a deep or less vivid quality to make sure that the rest of the colors look cohesive. Don’t be afraid to experiment with olive green or plum as they would be great alternatives.



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The little flower motifs in various shades and random nails just give this whole manicure a very 70s vibe to it, don’t you think?



Jelly nails! Who would’ve thought? Super long nails and random color palette will make your jelly nails truly stand out.



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Happy manicure! These bright hues are so lovely, and it would be even better if you could figure out how to transform each color into a little cute monster with tiny eyes.



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Who doesn’t love sparkles? Due to the way gold and silver tend to catch the light, they blend in well with other bright colors and look good with almost anything.

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