No More Missing Socks! A Tip For Everyone Who Has Lost Socks After Laundry

Sometimes socks are single too. However, there seems to be a way to find their significant other.

Pretty much all of us have loads and loads of single socks that have been left in the drawer for quite some time now. And yeah, unless we’re the type of people who don’t care about matching socks – we sure will be dismayed by having way too many useless single socks.

Buuuut!! There’s a tip that will make losing socks after laundry something not as common as it is today! I mean, I’ll sure try this out as soon as I go home!

missing socks laundry tip

First of all, why does the washing machine like socks so much? I’m pretty sure they’re not exactly tasty so…?

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Hmm… it just seems like someone has an answer to the earth-old question!

missing socks laundry tip
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An Imgur user took to the online world to explain just how this whole thing might be happening, and where exactly is the stomach of the washing machine located. Although this tip only applies to front-loaders, it’s still better than nothing.

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Do you know how most front-loading washing machines have a rubber lip near the door? Well, that’s where the secret lies (and our socks).

What you need to do is simply move the rubber and reveal the compartment where you will most likely find your missing sock. How does the sock get in there? Well, it simply gets stuck. And this does not only happen with socks but whatever small objects you might put in the washing machine.

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In some cases, although rare, the sock might even be pulled underneath the barrel – in cases like this you should be ready to call a repair person.

Yup, the tweet below is pretty relevant.

What you should also do, however, is to get yourself a mesh laundry bag that will keep your socks together.

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You might also clip them together before putting them in the bag. Anything that will stop them from going into the rubber part of your washing machine.


So? Surprising right? Let us know about your experiences in the comments section below. We’ll be reading!


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Source: Diply