Avoid These Four Common Mistakes If You Want To Lose Weight Quicker

If you want to lose weight but you don’t want to do it rapidly, so you don’t regain it soon, way to go. However, healthy weight loss doesn’t have to take five years, as in the case of POPSUGAR‘s fitness writer, Jenny Sugar. Jenny shares four mistakes she kept making while trying to shed the pounds, so others can learn from her story on what “not to do while on the quest to lose weight”.

Before — around 1999


Skipping breakfast

Never mistake skipping breakfast for eating less; by lunchtime, you will feel so famished you will end up eating a much bigger meal that you normally would have.

Nothing but yoga

No matter how loving and supportive the atmosphere in a yoga class is and how self-conscious you feel about running outside when you’re overweight, you absolutely have to include cardio exercise into your workout routine. Otherwise, the pounds will never start coming off.


If the shape of your belly doesn’t change no matter how hard you work on it, it might be time to replace all carbs with high-fiber fresh fruits and vegetables.


Simply swapping sweets with huge amounts of healthy foods like cashews, dried mango, whole grains or peanut butter will do little good in the long run. Get some measuring cups or spoons, as overeating of any type of food will slow down your weight loss journey.

After — around 2008


It took Jenny five years to lose the excess weight, but when she started keeping track of her calorie intake while focusing on fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains combined with running and yoga five times a week, she managed to lose it all in one year.



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“Being on the healthy path was so fulfilling, not just because it made me feel comfortable in my skin, but I just felt so much more radiant, more energetic. I wanted to share that with others, to help them feel that joy, so I became a yoga instructor in 2000 and a health and fitness writer in 2007,” Jenny writes.

The popular blogger maintained a healthy weight through two pregnancies and advises anyone who wants to do the same that time and determination are two vital components in the process. “So don’t give up,” Jenny says. “Stick with your healthy ways, and you’ll soon have an ‘After’ picture to show off too.”

Source: popsugar

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