Moana Disney Cake

Have you seen ‘Moana’ yet? If you haven’t, hurry to your local theater! Once you’ve seen it, you will definitely want to bake this cake – and as always, Cakes StepByStep is here to lead the way.

Moana is a Disney 3D animated adventure comedy released in November 2016. The film has been a smashing hit both critically and commercially, grossing more than $450 million since its release. It is a story of Moana, the daughter of a Polynesian island’s chief, who sets off on a quest to find a mythical demigod in order to save her people from extinction.

In the video, Elena from Cakes StepByStep works her magic by taking you through the whole preparation process from the dough to the final decorations. It is a fitting tribute to an unforgettable cinematic adventure and it’s no wonder many Youtube users commented that they would love one for their birthdays.

One of them, however, probably gave the perfect summary quipping:

“It’s so pretty!! If it was my birthday cake I wouldn’t eat it because I wouldn’t want to destroy it!”

Cakes StepByStep