Model Is Photobombed By Senior Citizen In The Most Adorable Way

If we scroll down Instagram, chances are you will be faced with picture after picture of Instagram models, expertly posing in front of several landscapes. The pictures they share seem almost effortless, as though the model was just captured at the moment looking completely flawless and just accidentally showing her good side.

As if no editing, hours of posing, or hundreds of pictures were involved in the process at all…

I would actually imagine that trying to take an Instagram worthy picture in a crowded place is a real struggle. I mean, what are the chances that you will manage to find the place free of background tourists and accidental photobombers? Pretty slim, I would say, as a video recently shared by an Australian model proves.

Kristina Mendonca, a Sidney-based social media personality shared a video of herself striking several sexy poses in front of the water on Bondi Beach last month which quickly went viral. But not because of how good she looked, no, because her spotlight was actually stolen by an unlikely culprit: an elderly man just casually strolling in the background, unbeknownst to her, with a large beaming smile on his face.

See the hilarious and adorable video below.

Source: carmelo sgroi

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, the 21-year-old model said: “I just hope that people don’t hate and know that this video was posted for the simple fact that this beautiful, sweet man had no idea he was photobombing a photo shoot and he looked like he was having the best day ever.”

And apparently, the struggle to take a photobomber-free picture is real, as the model has other instances a similar thing has happened to her.

 model photobombed by old man at the beach

For example, in another beach picture shared at around the same time as the video, she can be seen sitting cross-legged by the shore, beaming for the camera. But on the background, a man is just casually walking, minding his own business.

 model photobombed by old man at the beach

“Usually, the photographer will edit people out of the background but I like to show everyone on my Instagram what things are really like,” she told Yahoo, adding, “Instagram is flooded with so many of the “perfect shots”, I say show more of the behind the scenes moments and real photos.”

And if the “real photos” are as adorable and funny as these, I say keep them coming!