Models Of All Sizes Walk On Body Positive Catwalk At Times Square

If you were at Times Square in New York City on 2 December, you probably would have noticed something strange going on. Not that it would have surprised you much, since there is always something strange going on there, but this may have at least caught your attention.

Body positive activist and model KhrystyAna staged a guerrilla fashion show in the heart of New York City and even though the weather was super chilly, about 25 women helped her in “The Real Catwalk” supporting body positivity.

Models of all sizes took to the heart of New York City to transform Times Square into a body-positive catwalk!


Models embraced the cold weather and caught the attention of passers-by. The event was planned entirely by KhrystyAna in just three days!

“Fashion and the public are ready to see the diverse types of beauty,” KhrystyAna said in an interview. “It is in no way anti-Victoria’s Secret. It was just a way to support women who may not feel catered to.”

The organizer was overwhelmed by the audience’s positive reactions, saying: “New York is ready for the change and the chance to embrace all kinds of beauty.”


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Women of all ages were inspired by the show. Some stopped and smiled, and others were delighted by the courage shown by the models. Many of those involved received outpourings of positive messages following the show.


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Paige D’Avino, a model who walked on the impromptu urban catwalk noticed the genuine joy in the eyes of many women in the crowd. She believes that in our constantly-changing modern society, it is important to celebrate women in their own natural beauty.

“This was to lift up and empower women. This was to bring women together because when we come together we are invincible and we just might change the world,” Paige said.


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Check out this video report about the event

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