New Episode Of ‘Modern Family’ Reveals One Character’s Pregnancy

Although a few weeks ago Pritchetts lost one of their own, seems like the family is already expanding. On Wednesday, there was a shocking pregnancy reveal on Modern Family, as Haley Dunphy (Sarah Hyland) discovered she was expecting a child. The news surfaced as Haley enjoyed a game of bumper cars along with her boyfriend Dylan (Reid Ewing), but she, of course, ended up getting a tube of lipstick stuck up her nose. This little incident sent her to the emergency room where the nurse shared the life-changing news.

modern family pregnancy episode

However, the upcoming episode shows Dylan going head-to-head with Haley’s other love interest, Arvin (Chris Geere), so it is yet unclear who the father is. Sarah took to her Instagram account to tease her character’s fate as she shared a few snaps from the show, captioning the post:

Buckle up for tonight’s brand new episode of @abcmodernfam guys. It’s gonna be a BUMPY ride! #modernfamily @abcnetwork 9/8c pm.


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Recently ET spoke with Sarah at the No Kid Hungry event in LA where she revealed that she and her boyfriend in real life, Well Adams, were not planning to become parents anytime soon, however, Modern Family seems to be definitely teaching her a few lessons on motherhood saying:

There was this scene where [I’m eating] Twizzlers [and] I don’t like licorice — it makes me want to vomit. So, we’re walking up the stairs and I have to be, like, talking non-stop, eating Twizzlers. I almost threw up, like, three times.

She also explained how she had to eat lots of candies and chocolate, because, pregnant, HELLO:

 And there’s this scene where I’m having a lollipop and eating all of the chocolate and then spraying whipped cream into my mouth from the can, and oh my goodness, I ate my entire weight in candy — which on a Friday night is completely normal for me to be doing while crying, watching, like, ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary.’

Sarah also revealed about the funny moments she shared with Sofia Vergara saying:

But when you’re doing it because you have to, it takes the fun out of it and god bless Sofia [Vergara] — I love her — but she couldn’t say this one line and I kept having the whipped cream in my mouth and had to swallow, then do it again.

And she also added how the set has impacted her on real life too, saying:

This is sounding weird, but I went home and was in so much pain. I was like, ‘This is what adults say to you as a kid — don’t eat too much candy, it’ll upset your stomach.’ And, now I’m going to be that mom that’s like, ‘Don’t eat the candy.’

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