Mom Of Four Charges Her Family $40 Per Plate For Christmas Dinner

With Christmas right around the corner, everyone is getting prepared for the traditional Christmas dinner with the family.


Christmas is all about sharing, caring and being generous. But, apparently, not all people share that opinion. The traditional Christmas dinner consisting of stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and various vegetables which can be very expensive. Especially if you are cooking for a lot of people. That’s why one mother from the UK is planning to charge all of her guests $40 if they want to sit and eat at the Christmas table, as shared by AuntyAcid.


Gemma Andrews is a mother of four who has been hosting Christmas day for 10 years straight. She has been cooking for up to 16 people which can get very expensive. The 33-year-old mom started charging her extended family around ten years ago and this year she’s raised the fee for dinner for friends and relatives to $40.


If her guest pay the $40, they will get a three-course meal, drinks and a Christmas present.

Gemma revealed on This Morning that she asks her family to pay money if they want to sit at her table, but not everyone was enthusiastic about it.

Author Kathy Lette said to the mother of four that asking people to pay for dinner is “making Scrooge look like Mary Poppins” Also, the host Philip Schofield said that it looks like she is running a business, but Holly Willoughby agreed with Gemma.

However, the mom from the UK explained:

“I charge the adults £30 ($40), I don’t charge the children, and sometimes I serve five or six children that come to our house. The very first year I opened my house to everybody, on Christmas Eve I got let down by five people, putting me out of pocket.”


” The year after I tried bring a dish, it comes to Christmas Eve and people were like ‘oh, I forgot to get it’, and then I’m running around trying to find a bag of prawns, it’s more stressful. All the money that I get goes towards the food.”

” No one’s ever had any issue. It started off with their suggestion actually – because I have to control what’s in the cooking, my grandparents-in-law turned round and said ‘well, how about I just give you the money, and then you can order it, you know where it’s coming from, you can control the cooking’. she added.


Gemma continued:

“They don’t have to come, if they decide they don’t want to come it doesn’t matter. My grandparents-in-law come every year without fail, and if they didn’t come they’d be sat at home on their own. They’re happy to pay. My ex-husband and his family come as well.

“I’ve got a son with severe allergies, so I have to control the cooking, I have to be on top of it. Two of my guests actually work Christmas Day, they don’t have time to make me anything to bring.

“I’ve hosted for the last 10 years because I have the house that’s big enough to host. I think if it was in alternate years in different houses, I wouldn’t feel the need to cover the cost.”


Apparently, Gemma is charging her family $40 this year because the kids are all grown up, and there is demand for more alcohol on the table. And we all know that alcohol is expensive. To what the Foetal Attraction author, said :

“If I charged my family for Christmas, I’d have to put myself up for adoption. You’re making Scrooge look like Mary Poppins. Christmas is about sharing and caring and being generous.

“The kitchen is not my natural habitat; my sisters, however, love to cook but I then bring the wine and do the washing up. I think at Christmas it’s understood that everyone mucks in in some way.


“If I dared to ask my family to pay for Christmas, my goose would be well and truly cooked. Nobody would turn up to my Christmas dinner because they’d be so insulted that I could be so mercenary and so mean-spirited. It’s given me a bad case of Santa Claus-trophobia, the idea that we’re bringing money into it.” she added.

Some of the viewers didn’t agree with Gemma’s approach

“I think it’s rude to ask for money but Christmas dinner is so expensive, I think it’s best to offer to bring the drinks or make the pudding.”

But one viewer understood why the mother of four has to ask for money for Christmas dinner.

“£30 ($40) a head for the adults only, including starter, main with all the trimmings, puddings, alcohol and a present for everyone under the tree… you would spend more than that if you went out for Christmas day and it wouldn’t include the drink either!”

Source: This Morning
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