Single Mom Cries As Millionaire Carpets Her Whole House On ‘Rich House, Poor House’

As much as we get excited about the festivities of Christmas, decking the halls, setting the Christmas tree and getting together with our loved ones – Christmas also tends to remind us to focus our hearts and minds outward on others. While for some people, Christmas might seem always a time of gifts and joy, for some others it is a tougher time of struggling to make ends meet.

The wealthy Hogan family decided to do a very kind gesture this Christmas as they helped those in need!

On Christmas special episode of Channel 5’s Rich House, Poor House, the wealthy Hogan family swapped homes with Tanya Buck whose house was without flooring and wallpaper. Tanya Buck is a single mom with three children, 16-year-old Dylan, 10-year-old Faith, and 3-month-old baby Esme. The family was short in money and Tanya later told the cameras, they spent last Christmas homeless in a B&B.

Channel 5

So, since Hogan family lived in Tanya’s house for a week they decided to give her family a very much needed Christmas gift.

The struggling single mum was cash-strapped and couldn’t afford to carpet her house, so Hogan family carpeted their whole house for them.

The Bucks were extremely surprised and happy to find out that their house has been transformed when they came back.

Channel 5

Tears of joy: When the Bucks stepped through the door Tanya couldn’t hold her emotions from excitement and joy. Gushing in tears the mother of three said:

Last Christmas was not good at all. I hope the kids didn’t pick up on it but I was really stressed and I had a lot on my mind. Christmas is a financially stressful time anyway but then to find out at Christmas that we had to move and you’re having a baby. This Christmas is completely and utterly the opposite end of the spectrum. This is going to be one Christmas we’ll never ever forget.

Single Mom Carpeted House On Rich House Poor House
Channel 5

Moreover, Tanya also revealed that she found a letter which read that the Hogan family offered to pay for the house’s decorations.

Single Mom Carpeted House On Rich House Poor House
Channel 5

This episode no doubt left everybody feeling over the moon. I’m not crying, you are!

By the end, Tanya heartfully thanked the Hogan family and said:

At Christmas, you realize what’s important and it’s love and family. Things like that you can’t buy.


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