Mom And Daughter Recreate The Glamorous Red-Carpet Fashion Of Celebrities

All the people are creative, but some people are more creative than the others. True, or maybe some simply have the time, energy and resources to share their creativity with the world. Well, on this age of the internet is no strange seeing even the unimaginable stuff going on behind our screens.

However, what we’re just showing you today it’s something that surpasses the adorable. We’re talking about recreating celebrity looks, like fashion, makeup or hair. Hmm.. recreating celebrity clothes seems pretty fun, huh? Especially when you do it with the help of your little daughter just like the talented artist Ayla Chaglar from Turkey does it.

Alya Byurkland Chaglar known with the social media name seasunstefani is a famous artist in the Instagram world thanks to her creative outfits of her 5-year-old adorable girl – Stefani.

According to what Alya told Bored Panda, she was first inspired to recreate celebrities’ looks when she saw a dress that Rihanna was wearing on red-carpet:

“One day, I came across a photo of Rihanna in a blue Molly Goddard gown and decided to repeat her fashion look for my daughter, by using different materials on hand. The publication of that photo got very popular on social media, so I went on making a “dress like a celebrity” photo series and posted them under the #ahStefani hashtag.”

Furthermore, when asked how much time it takes for her to recreate the fashion looks and for the materials she uses, she responded:

“It takes around 10-30 minutes to recreate a celebrity’s look, we use nothing more than plastic, paper, tin foil and other materials you can find around the house, and a stapler to stick the pieces together.”

Keep scrolling to see some of these recreated looks:


#1 Rita Ora


#2 Rihanna


#3 Vanessa Hudgens


#4 Lady Gaga


#5 Meghan Markle


#6 Nicki Minaj


#7 Millie Bobby Brown


#8 Cardi B


#9 Rihanna


#10 Jennifer Lopez


#11 Princess Eugenie


#12 Katy Perry


#13 Kendall Jenner


#14 Gigi Hadid


#15 Zendaya


#16 Selena Gomez


#17 Taylor Swift


#18 Jennifer Lawrence


#19 Sabrina Sato

Mom and Daughter Recreate Red-Carpet Fashion


#20 Naomi Watts

Mom and Daughter Recreate Red-Carpet Fashion
Source: seasunstefunny

Stefani is just a 5-year old girl but she’s already fluent in three languages: Russian, English, and Turkish and her dream is to be a fashion designer when she grows up. Well, she quite started good, didn’t she?!

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From: Boredpanda